Medical Aid on a Budget

In South Africa, there are all kinds of income groups. These range from people who feel that belonging to a medical aid is way out of their financial league. And those who are fortunate enough to have comprehensive medical aids. To meet these diverse needs of the South African people, all the medical aid schemes have tried to develop unique type products. Here we will look at medical aid on a budget.

Their intention is to meet all the diverse income groups. Some cover is affordable at under R1 000 a month for the primary member. Many of these special offers come from the top blue chip companies such as Fedhealth, Discovery Health and Resolution Health.


Medical Aid on a budget – options

  • Medical Aid On A BudgetBonitas Medical Aid has an option called BonCap and is very apt for those looking for affordable cover from the provider networks.
  • Fedhealth Medical Aid has their option called Blue Door Plus. That applies to first-time buyers into the medical aid who are in the lower-income band.Fedhealth also has
  • Maxima Dynamic Hospital cover which is great for young and healthy individual
  • Maxima Dynamic Saver, an entry-level medical scheme, also with a savings account.
  • Momentum has their Ingwe option which provides access particularly for international students who are here to study. They have provided this option already for around 26 years.
  • Discovery Health has their three Keycare options:
  • Keycare Access option from R644 a month
  • Keycare Core option from R731 a month
  • Also Keycare Plus from R914 a month


These three options are the best low cost and affordable network medical plans for the lower income groups.

  • Genesis has their Private Choice medical aid, a superb family plan with. The cost for a child is only around R325 each, and it comes with a basic dentistry allowance.


One important factor to remember in South Africa is that if you haven’t been a member of a medical aid scheme for some years after a certain age, you might have to pay a late-joiner fee. It could be up to 75%. Young people should start looking seriously at their medical aid choices sooner rather than later. It just becomes more costly the longer you wait.

Fantastic savings through using designated service providers

Entry level medical aid plans which are based on income are ideal for the lower to middle-income salary earners who need just the basic cover. These are for those willing to use the specially designated service providers. Income-based plans generally will offer unlimited benefit to those in a hospital. Co-payments don’t usually apply here. Because the tariffs have been pre-negotiated, as long as you are always using the network providers. Income-based plans also offer limited cover for out-of-hospital expenses, maybe even some maternity cover. Young families find this beneficial. The income-based plans can and do consist of affordable hospital plans too.

You will find medical aids tailored for the lower incomes – Medical Aid On A Budget

It doesn’t matter which medical aid you opt for. You can upgrade to more extensive products as you go along and when your situations change. You might, for instance, be diagnosed later on with a dreaded disease which might need you to start straight away with medication. So remember that you might only be able to upgrade at particular times in the year. Also, always understand the terms and conditions of your scheme. There is the right one for you.

All info was correct at time of publishing