Applying for Discovery Health Membership

People who join Discovery Health gain access to some incredible benefits. Here we will have a look at applying for a Discovery health membership.

For example, Vitality members can sign up for car and life insurance, medical aid plus investment services and even credit cards.

And that’s not all just take a look at these great benefits:


Car insurance benefits  

  • Discovery provides automotive insurance that is extensive, versatile and inexpensive. With their coverage, you can rest easy knowing your valuables, car, and home are well protected.
  • Discovery encourages people to drive safely by giving you cash back vouchers on fuel. Yes, that’s right, they give you up to R800 a month back of the money you spend on petrol. These vouchers can be spent on fuel or exclusive Vitality offers
  • Also, Discovery membership also gives you access to the latest in safety technology. One of these technologies is Impact Alert which is a service that dispatches emergency medical assistance if an accident is detected.

 Applying for Discovery Health Medical Cover

Applying For Comprehensive life insurance

  • Discovery gives you wide-ranging life insurance coverage.
  • As a bonus for signing up Discovery will waive 28% from your initial premiums.
  • Not only that, but you’ll also get back 30% or more of your premiums each year.


Medical aid benefits

  • You get to pick from one of 23 plans. Guaranteeing you’ll find one best suited to your health and lifestyle needs.
  • Discovery health comes with a huge range of benefits, services, and extras. This way you’re able to access to high-quality health providers when you need them.
  • Your contributions are manageable. And on average Discovery fees are 14.5% lower than similar health care plans in South Africa.


Discovery Investment services

  • Discovery gives you access to investment products which are a great value and can withstand difficult markets.
  • They give you the option of removing all investing costs and promise to grow your portfolio by at least 26%
  • People who have invested with Discovery claim to have seen returns of up to 12% during a 12 month period, making this a worthwhile investment vehicle.


Benefits of vitality membership

  • Vitality is one of South Africa’s most popular rewards programs. With your vitality rewards, you get access to benefits that include free gym memberships and heavily discounted local flights
  • Each family can receive up to R1,000 in cash per month just for purchasing healthy groceries.
  • According to statistical studies Vitality members who are engaged live, on average, far longer than non-vitality members.


Applying For A Discovery credit card

  • With the Discovery credit card, you will receive up to 20% back in cash when making purchases from the Discovery network of stores. Vitality members also get big discounts on movie tickets.
  • You will also receive private access to shows and concerts produced by Big Concerts.
  • If you’re a frequent flyer, then you’ll enjoy earning Discovery miles. Simply purchase airline tickets with your card and earn miles which you can use on flights and other exclusive offers.


All info was correct at time of publishing