About Medical Plan Advice

Our goal is to offer lots of information about medical aids and schemes and hospital plans from two perspectives:

    1. Information about the companies that offer health cover, and various schemes that they offer
    2. Articles about various aspects of the health cover industry

All designed to help you choose the medical plan that best suits your needs and that of your family.

Launched in January 2013, we have been adding medical aid-related and hospital plan articles every month thus creating a really useful resource for those seeking to make informed decisions about joining or changing medical aids and hospital plans. Today, we are leaders in the medical aid information field online.

And No, we are not trying to sell you anything!

We regret that Medical Plan Advice is an ‘information-only’ website. Please note that if you are looking for any further information about medical plans you should contact companies directly.

To contact us, email us: admin@medical-plan-advice.co.za

To get an online quote from leading medical aids, please go here to make an application.



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