Custom Option from Moto Medical Aid

It is one of the harshest realities of health care in South Africa – the sheer expense of it. And yet we need medical aid to prepare and protect us when a major illness threatens to end the carefree life we’ve had. Here will look at the custom option from Moto Medical Aid.

However, when we see the bill that follows an encounter in a hospital, and we see how the government offers a limited health service in a state hospital, the need for good medical aid becomes obvious.

Restricted Medical Aid for the Motor Car Industry

Custom OptionMoto Medical Aid understands that we all have different medical needs, and they make a promise to take care of the medical care needs of those in the retail motor industry.

Moto Medical Aid has been operating for more than a decade, and today they are the largest voluntary restricted scheme.

So they have done a considerable amount of research to come up with an exclusive medical scheme for their employers and their employees. Also, between the different options they provide, each option is designed to give you the best possible healthcare cover at an affordable rate.

Moto Medical Aid offers several different options –

  • Optimum
  • Hospicare
  • Classic
  • Custom
  • Essential
  • Hospice Network
  • Classic Network


Custom Option

Between these different options, they offer their members affordable, appropriate health care. We look at their Custom option –

  • This option is designed specifically for young families
  • Members have a cost-effective solution to the full spectrum of healthcare services
  • Members are covered for 24 of the chronic disease list conditions
  • Also, members have access to basic dentistry, specialist and GP visits, acute medication, optometry as well as other out of hospital benefits at a network provider.
  • Treatment in a public facility is unlimited
  • Treatment in a private facility is subject to the Private Hospital Limit.
  • Premiums are worked out according to your salary, so someone earning less than R3 200 a month, for instance, will have a premium of R808 a month, R648 for an adult member and R203 for a child
  • people are always concerned about cancer cover and with the Custom Option, you get R59 570 per family subject to hospital limit
  • Confinement – private hospital – subject to private hospital limit and public hospital – treatment according to Scheme protocols
  • Of course, there is far more to the Custom Option. If you want to know more about the Custom option or any one of the other options Moto Medical Aid offers, you can call them on 0861 000 300 to find out more.



There are so many benefits to belonging to Moto Medical Aid, and just some of these are –

  • they ensure their yearly increases are minimal
    children who are students have coverage to the age of 23 years
  • common law spouses also have coverage
  • their Essential- and Custom options are according to salary band categories
  • So just like with some other medical aids, members of Motor Medical Aid have access to Momentum’s Wellness Programme, Multiply. You’ll enjoy exclusive discounts on gym membership, movie tickets, flights and leisure facilities along with other exciting offers.


Moto Medical Aid has increased their benefits for their members during 2017, and with so many affordable options like their Custom Option, you can have decent medical aid that won’t break the bank.

All info was correct at time of publishing