Fedhealth Medical Aid Benefits Explained

Health care benefits may vary from medical aid to medical aid. Significantly, when you request a quote you will see the specific benefits that  each plan offers. Therefore, it is important to understand the different plans. Nobody wants to overpay and still get very few benefits. And yet South Africans are paying exorbitant medical aid premiums month by month, and they expect value for their money. Therefore, in your investigations it worth looking at Fedhealth medical aid benefits.

About Fedhealth

Fedhealth is a medical aid in South Africa that draws a lot of interest. People trust the reliability of Fedhealth because its been around since 1936. Today they offer an extensive product range with a host of unique benefits. What makes Fedhealth medical aid benefits more appealing than those of other medical aids is that with some of these benefits they pay more from Risk. This is to ensure their members enjoy more from their day-to-day medical spending.


Just some of tFedhealth Medical Aid Benefitshe Fedhealth medical aid benefits explained:

        • Health Risk Assessments (HRA) – Fedhealth identify members who are at risk of developing lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Their role is to help their members with preventing these diseases through suitable lifestyle interventions and advice by way of wellness- and physical screening and a lifestyle questionnaire. From these screenings, members will be flagged as ‘at risk’. Members will be referred to dietitians, GPs and psychologists to make the necessary changes.
        • 30 Day Post-Hospitalisation Benefit – This is unique to Fedhealth medical aid  benefits.  Risk pays follow-up treatment for a full 30-day period after leaving hospital. And post-hospital treatment includes treatments like physiotherapy, occupational therapy and pathology among others. Treatment is covered at 100% of the Fedhealth Rate. Certain conditions apply.
        • Improved Clinical Pathway Services (ICPS)  This benefit helps hip and knee replacement patients get ready for surgery. It helps them return to their normal lives as soon as possible. This benefit is available to members on the Maxima Plus, Exec, Standard and Standard Elect plans. Importantly, members on the Exec, Standard and Standard Elect plans also avoid a R3 500 co-payment with these particular procedures. The ICPS clinical pathway comes with a number of other features worth looking at.

    • More Benefits

      • The Fedhealth Trauma Management Programme – members of Fedhealth receive free trauma management assistance. An accredited  Counselling and Advisory services manage the programme. They help members get their lives back to normal quickly. They offer trauma defusing services, psychological first aid services as well as follow-up trauma counselling.
      • Fedhealth Baby Programme – provides useful discounts, information and give aways carefully got together by baby- and parenting experts. They offer a Fedhealth Baby Bag full of useful products from leading brands. There is much more with this programme such as having access to their 24 hour Medical Advice Line as well as funding for Doula assistance and much more.


  • Not only does Fedhealth rank among South Africa’s leading medical schemes. They have made it their policy to use their ranking to offer their diverse range of members from all walks of life get so many extra benefits.


All info was correct at time of publishing