Hospital Plans, Medical Insurance and Comprehensive Medical Aid Plans

Comprehensive medical cover is unaffordable for most South Africans. So many people are looking at hospital plans with new interest.

These hospital plans generally cost far less than what a full medical aid costs you.

In South Africa you also have to understand about medical insurance.

It is not the same as medical aid and falls under the Financial Services Act. Hospital plan premiums are often more affordable to the average South African that medial aid fees.

Medical Aid on the other hand is governed by The Council for Medical Schemes.

Hospital Plans – Affordable Option for most South Africans

The difference between a hospital plan and a comprehensive plan is that the comprehensive medical aid plan covers out-of-hospital expenditures such as those doctor’s visits and medicines.

Hospital plans won’t cover this. If you do your research carefully you will see that there are some hospital plans that are in the region of R600 a month while a full medical aid can be in the region of R1 200 a month, and then this is for the less expensive one with fewer benefits.

Hospital Plans also Adhere to Strict Regulations

Hospital Plans Medical Insurance ComprehensiveHospital plans from medical aids are regulated by the Medical Schemes Act of 1998 and they need to adhere to strict regulations. You need to know the difference between medical insurance and hospital plans though. Medical insurance is a simple insurance policy from an insurance company. It provides you with a certain amount each day you are in hospital.

Make certain that you don’t buy medical insurance which wrongfully calls itself a hospital plan. Read the small print and understand all the exclusions and limitations. Hospital plans offered by a medical aid certainly provide higher levels of cover than those offered by insurance companies. A hospital plan will however cost a bit more than an insurance policy.

Hospital Plans Allow You More Control

Great for those who are fairly health, hospital plans cover you for 26 prescribed chronic conditions, meaning your chronic medication is paid for by the plan. People also appreciate hospital plans because they allow for more control over medical spending.

It is worth looking at good hospital plans and you stand to benefit when choosing a hospital plan from a reputable medical scheme such as Selfmed. They were established in 1965 and they have joined the Ethics Institute of South Africa. It is worthwhile looking at Selfmed’s hospital plan to get an idea of its features.

Unlimited Hospitalisation with Selfmed’s MedXXI

A good hospital plan from Selfmed, a reliable and trustworthy medical aid scheme, will cover unlimited in-hospital procedures, paying standard medical aid tariffs. Their MedXXI hospital plan provides –

● unlimited hospitalisation at any of the Scheme’s designated hospitals
● unlimited emergency transport
● medicine on discharge payable from hospital benefit
● generous benefits for pregnancy
● unlimited benefits for rehabilitation
● access to specialised disease management programmes

The idea of a hospital plan is to cover in-hospital treatment, but not day-to-day treatment. Selfmed’s hospital plan provides unlimited hospital cover at private hospitals throughout South Africa as well as providing cover for 26 PMB conditions. With MedXXI you’ll also get perks such as cover for ante-natal classes up to R1 100 as well as certain clinical procedures performed in doctors’ rooms.

Confused About Comprehensive Medical Aid vs Other Cover?

Confused about your medical cover needs? Speak to a consultant and discuss the different medical aid options and benefits, and get a medical aid quote for Selfmed’s MedXXI hospital plan. You’ll be equipping yourself with all the information you need to make the right choice between hospital plans, Medical Insurance or a comprehensive medical aid plan.

All info was correct at time of publishing