What’s in Store for Genesis Medical Aid Members in 2018

The following is a message from Genesis Medical Scheme to members regarding the outlook for 2018:

“In previous years we have waited until the amendments to the rules have been registered by the Registrar of Medical Schemes before communicating with you.  This year we are doing things differently.  We have set out below the amendments. These the Trustees of the Scheme approved and submitted to the Registrar for registration.  

“We are delighted to announce that our average effective contribution increase of only 5.8%* for 2018 is likely to be the lowest contribution increase of all open medical schemes for the sixth consecutive year.  In addition and equally important, there are no benefit reductions. And, as you will see as you read on, the benefit limits that have been adjusted have all been increased by much more than Genesis 2018the rate of inflation or the rate of increase in contributions.

“During these tough financial times, we can all do with some good news!  Not so?

“But, we must stress, the rules cannot take effect until registered by the Registrar of Medical Schemes.”

What Genesis Members Want in 2018

“A while back, we asked our members on Facebook to tell us what they want from Genesis in 2018.

“Many suggestions were received, but the two requests that by far exceeded everything else were requests for increased savings and a benefit for optometry. And that is exactly what we did.  Not only did we increase medical savings and added a benefit for optometry on the respective benefit options, but we also added and/or enhanced some in and out-of-hospital benefits on all options in a very meaningful manner.

“Benefit option changes for 2018 aim to keep contributions as low as possible. Risk contribution increases (in other words, excluding members’ savings contributions) vary between as little as R60 to R115 p.m. for adult dependants and between R45 to R50 p.m. for child dependants.”

 For a summary of 2018 benefit enhancements and contribution changes, refer to the 2018_Benefits_and_Contributions_Infographic



Option Rand value increase

(Risks contribution)

Risk % increase


 Rand value increase

(Savings contribution)

  Savings % increase
Private Choice R60 6.0%   –   –
Private R80 5.3%   –   –
Private Plus R95 6.1%   R105   30.4%
Private Comprehensive R115 5.6%   R35   24.1%

Average increase








Monthly Contributions Private Choice Private Private Plus Private Comprehensive
Main member R1 060 R1 580 R2 100 R2 350
Adult dependant R1 060 R1 580 R2 100 R2 350
Child dependant R370 R415 R415 R415


“Members who wish to change their benefit options for 2018 must please inform the Scheme in writing before the 15th December 2017.

“Thank you for your support in 2017.  We look forward to providing you with peace of mind and access to the best possible private healthcare funding in 2018.

“As soon as the Registrar registers the amendments, we will address a formal letter to you together with the actual rule amendments.”


*        Based on adult effective contribution increases.

Contact Genesis Medical Scheme direct here.

All info was correct at time of publishing