Super Cheap Medical Aid For Young South Africans

A lot of young people in South Africa are so busy building their lives that they offer to consider the thought of paying for a medical aid a bit like a grudge. Especially young people who are in excellent health. Here we will have a look at super cheap medical aid for young South Africans.

Some young people consider medical aid as something for the rich. They think that if you get sick, you just quickly make a plan, fork out some cash, get better quickly and get back to life. That is risky thinking.

Some choices

Super Cheap Medical AidThere are excellent reasons why super cheap medical aid for young South Africans should not be considered a luxury or a grudge, but a necessity. Medical costs continue to rise almost on a daily basis.  If you don’t have sufficient medical cover or failed to read the small print on your policy. You might find yourself paying co-payments, be excluded from treatments or limited to certain medical services. You might well find you become financially crippled from all the medical bills. Even those earning low incomes should consider some medical cover – it’s that important.

If you are a young person and you have been reluctantly convinced to join a medical aid for your good, there are some super cheap ones that you can start with. You can add on later on as you go along. South Africa has a wide range that starts from around R500 a month per the main member. A lot of these offer excellent value. Some of these are:

Ingwe Option from Momentum – Super Cheap Medical Aid

Entry level cover which is provided at prescribed health providers. This includes hospitalisation with chronic cover for certain illnesses. Since Momentum Health merged with Ingwe, there is also a Student plan. Students pay for a minimum amount of 6 months for the student plan option to become activated. It’s a good plan for students who need a visa and medical cover in South Africa while they are studying from abroad as well as for local students

Maxima Dynamic Saver from Fedhealth – Super Cheap Medical Aid

This Fedhealth plan offers cover of 100% at hospitals. If you want to go to a hospital of your choice instead of the network option hospitals, you can pay a R10 000 co-payment. There is also a small savings account as part of this plan for the in-hospital cover of doctors and specialists.  Some treatments limit to state medical facilities or PMB conditions. PMBs or Prescribed Minimum Benefits are benefits that all medical schemes must have irrespective of which medical aid you belong to.

You cannot afford to delay

Join a medical aid as early as you can, because, in the long run, you will save. According to your medical needs and your budget, you should be able to find the right package that will suit you. In South Africa, you will find anything from the basic hospital plan to very comprehensive medical care packages.

If you are young and just starting out in life, you should at least consider a hospital plan which will at least cover the sometimes huge expenses associated with a stay in a hospital. So should your lifestyle and your requirements change in future, you will be able to upgrade your medical health cover.

Also, getting yourself onto a medical aid scheme or hospital plan is something you will not regret into the future.


All info was correct at time of publishing