List of Affordable Medical Aids in South Africa

Here is a list of affordable medical aids


EssentialMed, established in 2005 and offer plans ranging from day to day cover through to hospital plans and comprehensive cover. Their Personal Health Insurance cover starts from R159 per month and gives options to choose either day to day cover, hospital plan or both under comprehensive cover. The Group Medical Insurance scheme is customizable for companies or any groups of 10 individuals.

Selfmed –┬áList of Affordable Medical Aids

List of Affordable Medical AidsSelfmed is also one of the leading medical aid organisations providing reliable medical aid cover. The scheme does not offer any other rewards outside of medical aid cover and has five medical plans to choose from.


FedHealth which was established in 1936 has grown its stakeholder partnerships to include a network of service providers as well. The scheme offers a very wide range of plan options. Designed to cater uniquely to each in their current economic and medical health status. With premiums ranging from R776 per month for low-income earners. Also, the plans have options of hospitalisation covers up to chronic illness cover dependent on choice.

BestMed – List of Affordable Medical Aids

BestMed which was established 52 years ago. Offers three plans which are a combination of hospital plans and day to day plans. They offer medical cover to both individuals and corporates as well tailored to suit each of their needs. Their premiums range from as low as R1 131 per month for a basic package and each plan offers a wide variety of options to select from.


Bonitas Medical scheme takes pride in their affordability and responsiveness with a 93% successful valid claims pay-out. The scheme has developed good relationships with service providers that ensure that members receive quality healthcare. The scheme also provides managed medical care especially for chronic illnesses which include empowerment programmes and training to reduce the need for medical care or procedures. Also, with plans ranging from the BonEssential with a premium of R1 473 per month, Bonita covers up to 62 chronic illnesses to the benefit of their members.

KeyHealth –┬áList of Affordable Medical Aids

KeyHealth is a medical aid option that provides services only for medical health as such they do not provide add-on services. There are five options to choose from. So all providing options for the cover which ranges from day to day medical care to hospitalisation or a combination of both. So premiums range from R1 172 per month in their basic plans and will vary based on the choice of cover per plan.


Established in 1995 Genesis Medical Scheme has been rated as one of the top five medical aid schemes. With beneficial responsiveness to their clients. Regarding claims payouts as well as the provision of quality medical services for cost-effective premiums. While the scheme offers the self-administrative ability to members. They also provide a dental care programme with all their comprehensive and basic plans.

Also, other affordable medical aids in South Africa include MediHelp and MedShield, both offering a wide range of affordable medical plans based on the choice of cover.

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