Resolution Health Options Are Innovative and Holistic

Resolution Health options incorporate traditional and new generation health care and hospital plans, some of which offer innovative holistic options including preventative care. The medical aid scheme also offers a three-tiered wellness and loyalty programme.

In all, there are six basic Resolution Health options:

  1. Foundation Option
  2. Hospital Option
  3. Progressive Flex Option
  4. Classic Option
  5. Millennium Option
  6. Supreme Option

Resolution tailors the options to meet different needs and financial capabilities.

The Six Resolution Health Options

These range from a down-to-earth entry-level option for employees, to comprehensive cover. The Resolution Health options also include a straightforward hospital option.


Resolution Health OptionsThe Foundation Option is the cheapest of all the Resolution Health options and ideal for in-hospital cover, basic day-to-day cover, and quality chronic care, all of which is accessible via the Resolution Health network of providers.

This includes unlimited access to the Resolution Health network of general practitioners (GPs). Other cover includes maternity benefits and acute medication. All 25 chronic diseases listed on the Chronic Disease List (CDL) are covered.


The Hospital Option is one of the most popular Resolution Health options, particularly with single individuals who are healthy. Chronic cover is available for all conditions on the CDL plus three more, and there are also oncology benefits. The plan offers hospitalisation any hospitals in South Africa.


The Progressive Health Option is often the best of the Resolution Health options for young couples and healthy families. It allows access to a good preventative care programme that includes oral contraception as well as hospital cover via the medical scheme’s network. Chronic cover is the same as for the Hospital Option, and there is an additional benefit for acute and over-the-counter medication. The plan covers some day-to-day expenses and there is access to casual benefits as a result of emergencies.


Resolution Health OptionsThe Classic Option qualifies as “new generation” within the Resolution Health options, and is ideal for young families that need both in-hospital and day-to-day cover. There are good benefits for children, as well as maternity benefits and a comprehensive preventative care programme for the whole family. This includes oral contraception and immunisations required for infants and children.

The Classic Option offers unlimited oncology cover via network providers and “limited member portions” on some procedures for children. There is cover for a total of 31 chronic conditions including the 25 CDL ones. This is also one of three Resolution Health options that incorporate a savings account that members can use for day-to-day savings.


The Millennium Option is another of the Resolution Health options that has a medical savings plan. And this one also has an “above threshold benefit” for use in the event of day-to-day expenses rising higher than usual. Also a “new generation” option, it is innovative in that it allows members to carry over their unused savings portion annually to the next year. Comprehensive chronic care and in-hospital cover are also included in this plan.

There are a number of other benefits including oncology cover within the Resolution Health network, and a comprehensive preventative care programme that includes oral contraception and the cervical cancer vaccine. A total of 35 chronic conditions are covered.


The Supreme Option is the cream of Resolution Health options, offering excellent benefits across the board. Preventative care is the same as for the Millennium Option, but 53 chronic conditions are covered. There are casualty benefits as well as access to trauma counselling. Extensive in-hospital and day-to-day cover is provided.



All info was correct at time of publishing