Bonitas Medical Aid Application Form

In South Africa you have to have medical aid simply because it gives you access to decent medical care. Start by completing and submitting a Bonitas medical aid application form.

Some medical procedures are so expensive, that without medical aid you would never be able to afford the procedure without a robust medical scheme membership.

At the very least you should have a hospital plan from a registered medical aid such as Bonitas, Discovery, Momentum or one of the other open medical schemes in South Africa.

Medical aids cover the cost of private medical treatment for illnesses or injuries in exchange for a monthly premium.

South Africa offers hospital plans and comprehensive medical aid which cover essential treatments. But if you pay a little more, you can benefit from even more cover.

Bonitas Medical Aid Application Form – Stamped with ‘Good Health Care’

Bonitas has several decades of experience and has proven success. There are well over 650 000 South Africans belong to this large open medical scheme.

The medical aid scheme comes with an AA- Global Credit Rating with a healthy solvency ratio of 33.3%. Therefore members can have the confidence that their claims will be adequately paid out.

Bonitas Medical Aid Application FormBonitas offers a number of plans such as BonClassic, BonComprehensive, BonSave, BonEssential, BonCap, Primary and Standard.

Bonitas Medical Aid Application Form –  What will you be Paying for?

You’ll need a Bonitas medical aid quote to help you choose a plan, and the reason for this is that healthcare plans have a tiered pricing level. Before you buy cover, your quote will guide you as to what you will be paying for. For instance if you opt for one of the low cost plans of  Bonitas, you will need to establish if it only pays hospital admission costs.

With a Bonitas medical aid quote, they first look at how you answer questions before suggesting a plan. The questions will be things such as –

  • what is your occupation
  • what is your age
  • gender – male or female
  • address
  • salary
  • do you smoke?

If for instance your salary is R6000 then you won’t be interested in the BonComprehensive plan because this premium product is currently from R4 208 per month for the main member. BonEssential on the other hand is a typical plan for a healthier individual who is looking for cover for those unforeseen emergencies. BonEssential offers hospital cover at affordable prices with added Prescribed Minimum Benefits when you need them. The main member will pay a sum of R1 191 which is more in keeping with a salary of R6000.

Bonitas Medical Aid Application Form- Analyse Your Healthcare Needs

You can see how important it is to get a medical aid quote so that you can find the most suitable medical plan for your needs. When Bonitas sends you 3 quotes, analyse your healthcare needs, look at your salary and determine the plan that will give you the cover you need.

If you’ve got a family and have dependents you might like their Standard plan. This plan is ideal for  families, offering top-quality cover at affordable prices and featuring benefits which  ensure you get the best of care. With this plan your 4th and subsequent children will be covered free of charge. The main member will pay an amount of R2406.

With a Bonitas medical aid quote, compare them and calculate what you and your family have spent on medicines and doctor’s appointments in the year. Maybe you’re young and are starting a family and then  you may have to look at a quote that takes into account a specialist or gynaecologist. By comparing quotes you can determine which plan best suits your needs and also the one which is the most affordable.


All info was correct at time of publishing