Bonitas Medical Aid Plans Offer Real Value for Money

Bonitas Medical Aid plans are affordable and benefit-rich, aiming to give members real value for money.
South Africa’s second largest open medical scheme, Bonitas has an AA- global credit rating, a 33.3% solvency ration, and a reported R3,3-billion in reserves.

The medical scheme reports that members’ claims made on Bonitas Medical Aid plans are almost always paid out in full. On average, only about seven percent of claims are not paid out. Bonitas Medical Aid plans also offer the largest national general practitioner (GP) network available, and you get to choose from more than 5,500 doctors nationwide.

If you have a large family you get additional benefits. For instance, members with more than three children don’t have to pay for the fourth or subsequent child. Also, “children” aged less than 24 who are still studying full time at a recognised university or college qualify for cover as children.

There are seven different Bonitas Medical Aid plans available, all of which cater to the different needs of members, as well as varying size of families.

The Seven Bonitas Medical Aid Plans

bonitas medical aid plansBonComprehensive
is the most comprehensive of all the Bonitas Medical Aid plans. It has exclusive benefits that are also extensive and cater for all ages. This is definitely the medical scheme’s elite option.

BonClassic is punted as the most generous option offered by the medical scheme, with superior benefits at an affordable rate that is less than the BonComprehensive plan’s cost. Both in-hospital and out-of-hospital costs are covered, together with a number of top-quality, superior benefits.

The Standard Option is the best of the Bonitas Medical Aid plans for family cover. Rates are affordable, and members get both in- and out-of-hospital cover that is of a very high standard. Savings are included in the plan, and you can use these as you choose to.

The Primary Option is an excellent choice from Bonitas Medical Aid plans for those who want to be sure they are covered for emergencies as well as for routine healthcare and regular check-ups. This option also provides cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefits( PMB)  when required. The fourth and subsequent child in the family is covered free of charge.

Bonitas Medical AidBonSave is probably the most flexible of the Bonitas Medical Aid plans, giving members the ability to decide how the saving package should be used. It provides extensive hospital cover, and gives members the ability to customise their cover. Chronic cover for PMB is included in this plan.

BonEssential is aimed at healthy families and people who generally only need emergency medical cover. It is another of the Bonitas Medical Aid plans that has PMB cover, and also offers good quality hospital cover. Like the Primary Option, the fourth and subsequent child in the family is covered free of charge.

BonCap is regarded as the Bonitas Medical Aid plans’ entry-level product. It gives members access to hospitals and medical providers that belong to the Bonitas network, in this way making healthcare affordable for low-income people, including pensioners. Monthly fees are based on monthly income, so the less you earn, the less you pay for your medical aid plan.