If you are looking for top places to get medical aid quotes, a good start would be to go to IHS – Informed Healthcare Solutions. They will make your job a whole lot easier if you are looking to find the best, the most affordable and reliable medical aid to suit your needs.

On their website, you will find a medical aid comparison from, and if you fill this in and submit it, they will get back to you, generating quotes for you that will suit your pocket. Here we will look at the top places to get medical aid quotes.

You can get quotes for a variety of medical aid schemes, and they will send you back a spreadsheet format showing all the comparisons for you to make your decision.

List of Top Places To Get a Medical aid

IHS is contracted to most of the major medical schemes such as:


What to look for when comparing medical aids

Consider some all-important points when comparing medical aids:

  • Top PlacesDoes the medical aid of your choice suit your medical needs and your lifestyle?
  • Notice the plans of your scheme – can you afford the one you want?
  • Check to see if the medical scheme that you are thinking of covers you for the ailments that you might suffer from
  • Remember not to get drawn into all the fads. These can be admittance to gyms, discounted flights, cheaper groceries, etc.
  • Does your chosen medical aid offer cover for chronic illness as well as the PMBs or Prescribed Minimum Benefits


All of us have different medical needs. Some of us continue with our medical aid plans, but often we need to review. We need to ask certain questions regarding our current health and how our medical aids are providing. Switching from one medical aid to another is becoming quite a trend in South Africa, as we search for the ones that will cover specific diseases we might have discovered or which have deteriorated.

So amongst the top places to get a quote, there’s Hippo. An online comparison tool which is a top place to get quotes is from Hippo co.za. They have realised just how medical bills can burn a hole in your pocket. Hippo is also able to help you in finding the best health cover that suits your needs.

Brokers are there to help you

Households often get into financial difficulties. So they find themselves cutting back. Also, people should never think of their medical aid as a luxury to cut back on; it is essential to look after your health which means you need to compare the different providers and find top places to get medical aid quotes. So be careful never to rush to a medical aid offering low premiums.

These brokers can help you because they recognise all the medical aids and they know all the differences between them.

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