Cheap Selfmed Hospital Plan

Hospital plans help you manage your medical expenses and budget while at the same time giving you comprehensive health care options. Here we will look at a cheap Selfmed hospital plan.

Indeed, more and more people are turning to hospital plans these days.

And one reason for this is because hospital plans are now more cost-effective than a medical aid.

(Especially since full medical aid is now out of reach for many people.)

Other schemes such as medical savings accounts and health credit/debit cards are also becoming more popular.

A Cheap Selfmed Hospital Plan

This plan suits even the smallest budgets, and under it, you get the following benefits:

  • Cheap Selfmed Hospital PlanLimitless medical care when going to one of Selfmed’s approved hospitals. It includes accommodation, theatre, medication and after hospital medicine.
  • Coverage for up to 25 chronic diseases (Please note that you will have to apply separately for chronic benefits)
  • Maternity benefits include ante-natal classes and ultrasound scans. You also get access to ante-natal consultations and pre-childbirth education.
  • As many MRI, CT or radiology scans as you need. It also includes mammograms.
  • Dentistry benefits, plus certain special allowances for non-elective maxilla-facial and oral surgery. There is no cover for elective dental surgery and implants.
  • Female only benefits like mammograms and pap smears. You also have access to HPV vaccines.
  • Contraceptive allowance of up to R1,500.00
  • Maternity stay overs for fathers.
  • The Selfmed hospital plans also include benefits for physiotherapy plus speech and occupational therapy. Services such as podiatry, hearing aids, dieticians, chiropractors, homoeopaths and herbalists do not have coverage.
  • You do not have to pay for blood transfusions.
  • Mental health disorders have full coverage. Your psychologist visits will be paid for, and treatment can also be obtained at a mental health institution (Provided it is approved beforehand.)
  • There are allowances for people with HIV/AIDS, and your benefits will be managed as part of Selfmed’s disease management program.
  • Unfortunately, optical services do not have coverage. You’ll have to pay for optical consultations plus your spectacles and contact lenses.
  • Rehabilitation has coverage, but only if an accident hospitalises you and referred by your attending physician.
  • You get as much as R176,600 per patient for cancer treatments. Also, your oncology benefits will be managed as part of the oncology management network. This benefit does not cover biological or experimental drugs.


More Benefits from a Cheap Selfmed Hospital Plan

  • This plan comes with unlimited ambulance services provided by ER24.
  • You also have coverage for renal failure and will receive kidney dialysis including the necessary radiology and pathology tests.
  • You get emergency room treatment for up to R1,000.00 per patient.


Just note that this is a hospital plan which means that prescribed medicines do not have coverage.

You will not receive benefits for chronic or acute medications, immunisations or oral and injectable contraceptives.


All info was correct at time of publishing