Free Quote for Medical Aid

March 22, 2017

Probably the most pronounced benefit of having a medical aid in South Africa is that it can certainly improve your mental state. Here we will have a look at a free quote for medical aid.

Just having a medical aid can bring peace of mind. Knowing that with an accident or illness, you have access to some of the best healthcare.

Each of the medical aids of South Africa offers you the means to get a free quote from their website. If you’re looking to get free medical aid quotes, you have a few options –

  • You can use the services of a broker to compare different benefits. And to also look at the different premiums the medical schemes ask for
  • you can do an Internet search for all the affordable medical schemes in South Africa. Hippo is a typical medical scheme comparison site, but there are others.
  • You can use the actual medical aid’s online quote system to get an accurate quote.


Free Quote for Medical AidMedshield is one medical aid who understands the frustration of members who want to compare two packages from the same scheme. With Medshield, you can select two packages and check out their benefits side by side.

Each of the leading medical aids also has an online calculator to more or less calculate your monthly contributions. Medshield says this is important if you have dependents. Because you don’t want to find out later on that you can no longer keep up with your premiums.

When requesting medical aid quotes, the medical aid plan you choose will be different to somebody else’s. You may, for instance, suffer from a chronic condition while someone else is never sick.

Being sickly or being a person who is never sick will influence the quote you get. However, you can be well one week and diagnosed with cancer the next. You’ll, therefore, want a quote which includes an Oncology management programme. While someone else with Aids might require an HIV/Aids Management programme.


Above All, Know what your Medical Needs are – Free Quote for Medical Aid

Certainly, knowing what your medical needs are is key to knowing what to look for when you request a free quote for medical aid. Medical Plan Advice offers medical quotes on the website. You’ll get an email with a no-obligation quote comparing the various medical aids and hospital plan options there are – all carefully selected within your budget.

You can be sure that all the schemes you get quotes from are above board, and they will all be registered with the Council for Medical Schemes. Among these medical aids are well-known ones such as Momentum, Medshield, Discovery, Sizwe, Fed health and so on.

All these medical schemes are obliged by law to cover you for many conditions. Some of these medical aids are open to every South African while others are industry-specific such as GEMS for government employees.


Get a Quote for your Hospital Plan from a Medical Aid Scheme

If you want to get a hospital plan, it’s an excellent idea for anyone who wants to enjoy good in-hospital cover still but without the high premiums of a full medical aid.

There are some excellent hospital plans available from medical aid schemes such as Bonitas, Momentum and Discovery.

Get your free, no-pressure quote today and have confidence that you’ve got the best plan there is for your health needs and which also suits your budget.

All info was correct at time of publishing