Bonitas Medical Aid Options Are Affordable

Bonitas boasts medical plans that are versatile and suitable for individuals and families from all walks of life.  Bonitas medical aid options have been structured for affordability and value for money. However, this doesn’t mean you should opt for the lowest priced plan.

How to Select the Best Bonitas Medical Aid Plan for You

There are a total of seven Bonitas medical aid options to choose from, each of which caters for different circumstances.

Bonitas Medical Aid OptionsThe best way to choose the most suitable medical scheme is to start by analysing your personal healthcare needs and those of your family (if applicable), and then to decide what amount of cover you need. The seven Bonitas medical aid options include medical plans that enable you choose any doctors, specialists and hospitals you wish, while others require members to use specified networks. The Bonitas medical aid options using networks are cheaper, but you obviously don’t have the same level of choice.

Evaluate Your Needs

When considering the Bonitas medical aid options for the first time, it’s always a good idea to start off looking at how much you have spent on medical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses in the past – even if you weren’t previously covered by medical aid. And don’t forget to take the needs of other family members into account as well.

  • Consider how often you (plural) go to the doctor
  • Estimate how often you have been to specialists, including gynaecologists, in the past year or two
  • Work out how much you generally spend on medication every month
  • Determine other medically-related costs your are normally faced with, including dentists, opticians and physiotherapists and/or chiropractors
  • Perhaps someone in your family has a chronic condition or dreaded illness like cancer or HIV Aids. In that case, you need to take this into account as well


How Much Cover Do You Need?

The cost of the various Bonitas medical aid options do vary. However, you should be able to match your needs with a monthly payment premium that suits you. That is even if you have to compromise by using a network. Generally, people who tend to incur medical expenses often will need more cover than those who believe they are only likely to claim in a medical emergency.

Bonitas Medical Scheme OptionsRemember that the individual Bonitas medical aid options that use a specific hospital and doctor network are less costly than those that allow you total freedom of choice in terms of facilities and providers.

The Seven Bonitas Medical Aid Options

The Bonitas medical aid plans and Bonitas hospital plans offered are:

  • BonComprehensive
  • BonClassic
  • BonSave
  • BonEssential
  • BonCap
  • The Standard option
  • The Primary Option


To fully understand what each of these Bonitas medical aid options offers, you need to carefully look at each one in turn, considering what each costs and what each one covers.

In general terms, you will see that of all the Bonitas medical aid options, the elite medical plan, BonComprehensive is the most expensive, but it offers the most cover. In addition to unlimited hospitalisation at facilities of your choice, and extensive cover for medicines, chronic diseases and other conditions, there are also threshold benefits and a generous savings plan. The cheapest plan is the entry-level option, BonCap.

While there are similarities, all seven of the Bonitas medical aid options is different. If you aren’t sure which one really does suit your needs, you should consult a broker or even a financial advisor who can help you choose.



All info was correct at time of publishing