Medihelp Medical Aid Options Are Cost Effective and Accessible

Medihelp is one of the biggest medical aid schemes in South Africa. And it offers affordable Medihelp medical aid options, helping an increasing number of people pay for rising healthcare costs.

There are five basic products available within the Medihelp medical aid options. Three of those have network options that enable members to reduce their costs by 20 percent.

In addition, there is a benefit programme that individuals and families can opt for that will help with those increasingly diverse day-to-day medical costs we all inevitably face at some time in our lives.

The various Medihelp medical aid options are:

  1. Necesse Network
  2. Dimension Prime 1 with or without the minus 20 percent network option
  3. The Dimension Prime 2 Plan with or without the minus 20 percent network option
  4. Dimension Prime 3 with or without the minus 20 percent network option
  5. The Dimension Elite Plan
  6. Medihelp Plus which is essentially an added extra

Medihelp Medical Aid OptionsMore About the Medihelp Medical Aid Options

Whether you want comprehensive medical aid cover or a straightforward hospital plan, you will find something to suit you in the various Medihelp medical aid options.

Necesse Network is the most affordable of the Medihelp medical aid options, and it offers an affordable medical scheme that gives access to a network of medical personnel. It is particularly appealing to lower income earners.

Dimension Prime 1 offers a basic hospital plan from the Medihelp medical aid options, adding preventive care benefits. It is an affordable option that can be further reduced by the 20 percent less network option. It is a particularly good choice for people with chronic illnesses since it includes Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB)defined chronic medicine.

Medihelp Medical Scheme OptionsDimension Prime 2 is the medical option that allows members to combine basic cover with a savings account that can be used for additional expenses. Like the Prime 1 option, this one also has a minus 20 percent saving possibility.

More Medihelp Options

Dimension Prime 3 is one of the best Medihelp medical aid options for the family. In addition to a hospital plan and medical aid cover, it also includes benefits for dentistry and optometry. Like the other two Medihelp Dimension products, it allows members to reduce their payments by 20 percent.

Dimension Elite is the top of range medical aid product from Medihelp, offering comprehensive medical cover along with cover for chronic medication and cover for specialists. Even though this plan is more expensive, it is one of the most popular Medihelp medical aid options largely because it offers all sorts of health tests from pregnancy to HIV/Aids.

Medihelp Plus is essentially a tag-on medical plan within the Medihelp medical aid options that provides quite generous benefits to individuals and families that need financial assistance with day-to-day medical costs. This option is particularly useful when families are “hit” with costs resulting from emergencies. It also helps cover private hospital costs.

In addition to the Medihelp medical aid options, this well-established medical scheme also has a sports club and it offers a wellness programme.

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