Sign Up for Medical Aid and Watch These Points

Signing up for a medical aid isn’t just a case of tossing a coin and selecting one according to the way the coin fell. At the end of each year, medical schemes let you know what benefits you can expect and what premiums you’ll be paying. You need to research these and choose according to your lifestyle and your earnings before you sign up for medical aid.


Sign Up for Medical Aid – Reviews

Certainly, you need to be reviewing your medical scheme each year to be making sure that you’ve always got the one that suits you best for your current situation. A lot can happen in a year, so you need a medical aid which remains current with your changing needs.

Before you joining a medical scheme

  • Look at your health and consider how many times you were at the doctor or at the dentistry
  • look at what medicines you were on. Consider what medical conditions were just once off and which medical ailments you suffer from, Year in and year out
  • find out whether the medical aid you are interested in contracts with specialists and whether you would want to use these in-network doctors. Using doctors outside of the network can mean co-payments. An advantage of using the network doctors is that they won’t charge you more than the standard medical scheme tariffs.


The cost of health care has risen to such an extent that many South Africans wonder how much longer they’ll be able to hold on to their medical aid. There are so many reasons that contribute to these escalating costs. And unfortunately for you, your medical aid won’t cover everything, in spite of the high premiums you pay.

Make sure you Understand the Benefits before you sign up for medical aid.

Sign Up for Medical AidThere is much competition between the different medical schemes. Those still operating in South Africa have had to resort to various means just to remain operational. Before you sign up for medical aid, don’t just compare prices. But look very carefully at what benefits you’ll be getting as well.

Your medical aid, for instance, may look at discounts on movie tickets and flights as benefits. While to you these products are just a lot of useless frills. You’d rather have discounts on medicines and supplements.

From KeyHealth you get some benefit options from their Essence, Equilibrium, Gold, Silver and Platinum options. For instance, in 2017, things to note is that you get 100% scheme rates for specialists. From their more affordable Essence plan where you’ll pay R1 278 as the main member to their Keyhealth Platinum plan where you’ll pay R9 115 a month and get an excellent round of benefits, know everything before you sign.

Simplicity is a Compelling Drawcard

Medical aids of South Africa all have a lot of medical jargon which ‘s hard to comprehend.  KeyHealth Medical Scheme is an exception. They keep things simple. KeyHealth has got other compelling reasons to make you want to sign up with them. As opposed to other far more complicated medical aids.

All info was correct at time of publishing