Discovery Hospital Plans

February 8, 2014

Discovery hospital plans are the affordable option for those South Africans who don’t need chronic medication or ongoing treatment and can manage the daily medical costs such as GP visits and medication.

Discovery has six hospital plans in their Core series which are on offer to members. This provides perfect peace of mind that you have hospital cover when you most need it.

Discovery Hospital Plans – The Core Series

The hospital plans range from Classic Core to Key Care and each plan covers hospital services, anaesthetics and surgery. The costs have cover only if the scheme has pre-approved your admission to hospital and subsequent treatment.

Discovery hospital plans make for cost-effective cover for in-hospital needs and also for chronic conditions. There is no limit to the cover. And members’ admission can be either to a private hospital or a facility within Discovery’s network. Each plan provides cover for a maximum of 90 days should a medical emergency occur outside of South Africa.

Discovery Hospital Plans – Classic Core, Essential Core and Delta

Discovery Hospital PlansWith these plans, you can visit a private hospital but should you take out the Delta hospital plan, you will need to attend a hospital within the specified Delta network if you want the scheme to cover your stay and treatment in full.

Discovery Hospital Plans – Coastal Core Plan

This is one of the Discovery hospital plans where members are expected to visit a hospital within one of SA’s four coastal provinces for full cover to be paid. Should the member not utilise a coastal hospital, Discovery will only pay up to 70% of the bill, which means, as a member, you’ll have to foot the bill for the rest.

Discovery Hospital Plans – Hospital Cover

A hospital plan from Discovery covers the hospital account and any other accounts acquired during the hospital stay such as physiotherapists and anaesthetists.

Discovery Hospital Plans – Why You Need a Hospital Plan

If you’re healthy, the Discovery hospital plans offer peace of mind should emergencies arise. Such emergencies include an accident (including cover for medical transport). They also cover the unexpected occurrence of a health condition that requires urgent medical attention. The health condition should be such that, if you don’t receive treatment rapidly, it may cause serious damage to bodily functions which could place your life at risk.

Discovery Hospital Plans – The Ts and Cs

Whether you go with Discovery, Liberty or Medihelp, hospital cover can be subject to certain rules. Members might face additional fees during their hospital stay. These might not include cover by the medical aid such as private ward costs. Newer technology and certain procedures often require separate approval from your chosen scheme.

Investigative procedures like colonoscopies and gastroscopies are usually covered by hospital plans. Members are typically asked to pay an initial amount of the scope fees with the scheme settling the balance.

There are significant benefits to taking out Discovery hospital plans. Be sure to compare each of the Discovery hospital plans to find the perfect option for your needs and pocket.

All info was correct at time of publishing