Keycare Cheap Plan Available from Discovery Health

Keycare by Discovery Health is one of the most popular plans that are affordable but members are still able to enjoy all the incentives and benefits that make Discovery one of the most favourable healthcare providers.

About Discovery medical aid

There are many medical aids such as Bestmed, Fedhealth, and Momentum Health claiming to have the best cover when it comes to medical aid. Discovery offer many different options, Keycare medical aid included, that allows the public to have medical aid cover without sky-high payments. With Discovery, you get value for money.

What is Discovery Keycare?

Keycare KidIf you want unlimited hospital cover,Keycare is an excellent option. When you pay your fee each month your hospital cover will pay your account of your hospital accommodation, as well as the admitting doctor, anaesthetist, and other approved or needed professionals. You have to go to Discovery Keycare doctorsor hospital on the Keycare network in order to be covered. If you are looking for medical aid from Discovery, it might be best to look at all the Discovery medical aid options and compare what will be most suited. Discovery medical aid plans,including Keycare are tailored to individual’s needs.

The difference between Keycare Plus, Keycare Acces and Keycare Core

With the Discovery Keycare plan, a member can choose of three options: Keycare Plus, Keycare Access and Keycare Core.

Discovery Keycare Plus:

•    With this Keycare plan, members have unlimited cover during hospitalization when they go to any hospital within the Discovery Keycare hospital network.
•    This plan covers specialists up to R3000 for each person and any causality visits within the Discovery Keycare network.
•    Covers cancer treatment if it is a Prescribe Minimum Benefit,but a network provider will be provided.
•    The Trauma Recovery Extender Benefit allows payment for any out-of-hospital recovery after a certain traumatic event within that same year, as well as the year after trauma.
•    Discovery Keycare plan also covers approved chronic medication from a pharmacy listed,if prescribe by a GP on the Keycare network.Discovery Largest Medical Aid
Keycare Access:

•    During hospital accommodation, members have unlimited cover for trauma, emergencies, childbirth and care of a newborn. Member can use any hospital listed in the Keycare Access network.
•    Members’ approved chronic medicine is covered is they go to an approved pharmacy listed, but doctors on the network list must write the prescriptions.
•    Specialists are covered for up to R3000 in terms of emergencies, childbirth, trauma and this includes cover for you baby up to 12 months after childbirth.
•    In case of casualties, that excludes emergencies and trauma; members are covered for one visit within the KeyCare Access and Keycare network groups.
•    Just like with the Keycare Plus plan, the Trauma Recovery Extender Benefit will cover payment for any out-of-hospital recovery within that same year, as well as the year after trauma,after a certain traumatic occurrence.
•    Cancer treatment is covered if it is a Prescribed Minimum Benefit but in a state facility.


•    Unlimited hospital coverage form members within the Keycare day surgery network.
•    No day-to-day cover but specialists are covered for up to R3000.
•    Casualty visits are not covered.
•    Any GP can prescribe your chronic medicine.
•    In the case of cancer, treatment is covered if it is a Prescribe Minimum Benefit.
•    No Trauma Recovery Extender Benefit is offered.