Discovery Coastal Core Affordable Medical Aid

Health cover is possibly the most important insurance cover you need to budget for and does not necessarily need to be a major burden on your monthly expenses with products such as Discovery Coastal Core available.

Affordable medical aid

While hospital plans and hospital plan insurance such as Discovery Health Coastal Core are the most affordable medical aid plans, if you require further cover, such as for day-to-day medical expenses, there are good, affordable products available that will provide you with peace of mind at premiums that suit a tight budget. Discovery medical aid plans include the Discovery Coastal Saver, which, for example, offers you extensive in-hospital cover for planned and emergency hospital admissions and a savings account for day-to-day benefits. .

Discovery Coastal Core Healthy FamilyThe very affordable Discovery Keycare from Discovery medical aid is one of the largest and fastest growing schemes in South Africa. On this plan, members are covered when using the Keycare network of hospitals and doctors, both in hospital and for day to day medical cover.

Remember that cheap does not mean the best medical aid cover as seeking out a medical aid with low premiums may be at the expense of the medical cover provided.   You may spend less each month but dramatically more during sickness or hospitalisation. – expenses that can be crippling.

When choosing a medical aid, shop around and compare all medical aids, including the Discovery Coastal Core, to find one that suits your lifestyle, family needs and financial situation.

Discovery Coastal CoreHowever, remember that many of the reasons given by medical aid schemes for joining them are offered by most schemes, including the Discovery Coastal Core. Many medical aids sell themselves on loyalty programmes, bonuses and other such extras, but don’t be misguided by the fringe benefits a medical aid may offer. It is the benefit structure of the scheme which is important to members. Make sure you understand the benefit structure of the scheme, including that of Discovery Coastal Core, as every medical scheme has exclusions, protocols and co-payments of some sort.

Medical aids in South Africa

The medical aid industry in South Africa is a sophisticated and world leading industry, with more than 100 medical aids to choose from, offering a range of medical cover from comprehensive packages through to hospital plans, such as offered by Discovery Coastal Core, and gap cover, as well as hospital plan insurance.  Medical aid providers such as Discovery Health medical aid, who offer the Discovery Coastal Core plan, and Liberty medical aid are leading health insurers in the South African market, with products tailored to suit your lifestyle and your pocket.  Besides medical cover, they also offer reward programmes such as Discovery Vitality, open to members of the Discovery medical aid scheme, to encourage them to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

About Discovery Coastal Core

Discovery Coastal Core is one of Discovery’s Core Plans which offer in hospital cover, as well as other benefits such as emergency response services nationwide, cover for medical emergencies when travelling abroad, and cover for medical emergencies when travelling in Africa.

As with all the Core plans, Discovery Coastal Core covers medical expenses in hospital for emergency and planned hospital admissions. On Discovery Coastal Core, however, you must go to a hospital in one of the coastal provinces for a planned hospital admission. If you don’t use these hospitals, Discovery Health will pay up to a maximum of 70% of the hospital account and you will need to pay the difference.

This value-for-money Discovery Coastal Core hospital plan offers unlimited private hospital cover and guaranteed full cover in hospital for specialists on a payment arrangement, and up to 100% of the Discovery Health Rate for other healthcare professionals. There is also full cover for chronic medicine for listed chronic conditions.