Discovery Health Hospital Plan

The medical scheme giant of South Africa, Discovery Health, is the largest medical aid in the country. Their offerings are also unique. To have a Discovery Health hospital plan is a privilege.

Not only do they boast a credit rating of AA+ (quite the feat in today’s economy). They also have a plan to suit every possible level of healthcare a member could need.

Members can choose from six different series of plans. However, if it’s a Discovery Health hospital plan you’re after, choose one that will meet your medical and financial needs.

Discovery Health Hospital Plans

There are those of us who can’t afford full medical cover. And there are those who are healthy enough to have a basic level of medical care. That’s where hospital plans come into it.

Discovery Health Hospital PlanDiscovery Health Hospital Plan – What It’s All About

Members can choose from one of two Discovery Health hospital plans within the scheme’s KeyCare range. The range is cost-effective hospital cover at its best, based on a network of pre-approved specialists, doctors and hospitals.

Although members aren’t able to choose a hospital where they would like to go, they can be sure that Discovery’s chosen network, whilst appealing to pocket, does not skimp on high quality healthcare. Members with hospital plans also have access to various trauma recovery benefits.

A Discovery Health hospital plan caters for comprehensive cover if a member goes to a pre-approved hospital in the scheme’s network. Specialist treatment costs are also covered as long as the specialist is a part of the Keycare program. Members should ensure that their specialist is a participant before engaging their services.

There is a defined list of procedures that a hospital plan covers so you should take careful note of the terms and conditions of your desired plan.

Discovery Health Hospital Plan – KeyCare Plan

A member of this plan can receive treatment at a casualty unit of any of the approved hospitals in the network. You’ll have to pay a specified amount towards a consultation, though. Members of the Keycare Core plan, however, do not have this benefit.

Discovery Health Hospital Plan – Other Benefits

Members of both hospital plans can enjoy three weeks’ worth of benefits for drug and alcohol abuse Discovery Health Hospital Plantreatment and also mental health treatment. The scheme carries the full cost for these treatments.

There’s also cover for a predefined list of chronic illnesses. You’ll need to get your medication from a pharmacy that is part of the network, though, and that medication will need to be from the approved list of chronic medications for it to be covered.

Discovery Health Hospital Plan – Daily Benefits

With a Keycare Core plan, you won’t get day-to-day medical expense benefits but KeyCare Plus members do have access to dentists, GPs and optometrists within the KeyCare network.  There is a range of disability benefits offered which include the hire or purchase of mobility devices.


We all need some type of cover for medical expenses and if we’re not chronically ill or simply cannot afford comprehensive medical cover, a Discovery Health hospital plan is ideal for covering emergencies and enjoying access to high quality care at affordable monthly rates.


All info was correct at time of publishing