Liberty Medical Aid Options Assure High Returns

Liberty medical aid options are all essentially the same but at the same time they are all completely different.

All Liberty options are based on one fundamental medical scheme. The scheme allows members to decide exactly what they want and how much they can afford to pay. They invariably aim to provide top quality care that does no compromise on quality.

Some of the declared advantages of Liberty medical aid options include:

  • The Extender Benefit that can be included to cover various day-to-day costs
  • Counselling required after witnessing or experiencing crime trauma
  • Emergency trauma cover that ensure there will be no exclusions and no waiting periods
  • Emergency room (ER) cover for after-hours visits
  • Preventative care cover that helps members identify the risks of illness
  • Cover for professional sportsmen and sportswomen as well as people who participate in extreme sports
  • “Child dependant rates” for dependants who are studying full-time


Why Liberty Medical Aid Options Are Essentially All the Same

Liberty Medical Aid Healthy FamilyMost medical aid schemes pride themselves on the amazing choice of cover they offer. Liberty prefers to boast that its “medical aid fits all”. This rationale is partly to make choice easier, and partly to ensure that all members enjoy the same level of service and commitment.

The difference between the 11 Liberty medical aid options depends on two factors:

  1. the freedom the member want to be able to choose the provider (eg hospital or doctor) they choose
  2. the rate at which Liberty will cover the services and medicines provided to the member

A simple graph on the company’s website shows the Liberty medical aid options graphically.

Top of the graph is Traditional Ultimate, which offer the most freedom of choice together with the highest rate of cover.

This plan is followed on the graph by the Complete Plus plan that offers both the second highest choice and cover amount.

The Saver Plus offers as much choice, as Complete Plus, but the cover is less.

More Great Liberty Options

Complete Standard and Saver Standard both have as much choice as each other in terms of the 11 Liberty medical aid options, but the Complete Standard plan pays out more in terms of cover.

The Hospital Plus plan offers as much cover as the Saver Plus plan, but there is less choice. The same applies to Complete Select compared to Complete Standard.

Liberty Medical Aid OptionsSimilarly the Saver Select plan offers the same cover as the Saver Standard plan, but there is more choice when it comes to choosing providers for the latter.

Hospital Select and Hospital Standard are towards the bottom of the graph when it comes to cover and freedom to choose a provider. Both offer the same choice, but the standard plan offers more choice.

The most basic plan of all the Liberty medical aid options is Traditional Standard, that provides the least cover of all the options, and gives less freedom of choice.

Nevertheless, all these Liberty medical aid options cater to different individuals and families that are looking for medical scheme cover, and it’s up to individual members to ultimately decide which Liberty medical aid options meet their individual needs.

How to Choose Between Liberty Medical Aid Options

Even though the options offered by Liberty are essentially the same, it might still be difficult to choose which one is right for you and your family. To make it easier for new clients, the company has devised an online tool that you can use to assess your needs. Alternatively you can discuss the Liberty medical aid options with an experienced broker.



All info was correct at time of publishing