Network Options for Medical Aid

If you want to know what is meant by network options for medical aids, you might have noted something about this when you joined. Most of the medical schemes are to be found on a network option or a non-network option. Sound a bit confusing? Because the non-network option is slightly more costly than the network option, many people assume that the network opinion is not as good.

What do non-network options and network options mean?

Network OptionsA non-network option means that you can go to any hospital, clinic or doctor that has coverage by your particular medical aid scheme. In other words, you have the freedom of choice to decide.

Your medical aid, for instance, will channel you to make use of certain of their healthcare facilities where you will find reduced rates. So you pay less for network options than you do for non-network options.

You pay less

Services and benefits available will apply to particular places only so for instance you might need to drive a little further to the hospital that is on the network option list of hospitals and healthcare services.

There are some important points to acquaint yourself with, with network options:

  • Know the procedures that go along with visiting a doctor and the referrals to specialists if need be
  • Know the procedure in case of emergencies
  • Also, know what the terms and conditions of your network option are
  • Know which doctors, clinics and hospitals are on your network options because if you choose ones outside the network options, you will need to make a co-payment. Also, check that your medication has coverage by your network options list of medicine suppliers.
  • Remember to always carry your membership details with you


Lower income group – network options is for you

Network options are ideal for lower-income individuals, entry-level clients and young couples who have young families. Sometimes you might have to go a bit further to find the services. But you will discover amazing benefits and savings with a network option. Great benefits are:

  • You get suitable cover for your whole family at just under R1000 a month when you are in the lower income group, making a network option very cost effective.
  • Depending on what plan you have selected. With a network option, there isn’t an annual limit overall to your in-hospital benefits.
  • Your network option will provide you with cover for chronic medication for at least 25 types of chronic illnesses.
  • You have access to the network of GPS, cover for some dentistry work and limited access to specialists
  • Not all, but some schemes do make allowance for extra in-hospital benefits.


All info was correct at time of publishing