What is Denis?

Standing for Dental Information Systems, Denis is the largest independent dental claims administrator in South Africa who make it their business to make dental health care funding sustainable. Dental risk management has become necessary if South African members of medical aids want to manage their dental care expenses. Nobody wants to go to a dentist to discover that they have to pay far more than what their simple filling to remove dental pain should have cost.

A dental managed-care services company, with their experience in dental risk management, will keep you up to date with everything you need to know regarding the dental benefits in your medical aid benefit.

About Denis

Since 1996, Denis has been at the forefront of dental managed-care services, offering a host of services which apply to the South African market. It provides sustainable dental benefits for medical scheme members and dentists.  The medical schemes who are members are:

What is DenisDenis has been acquired by EOH Health, a leader in African healthcare. EOH Health’s dental management team provide benefit risk management services so as to minimise fraud and abuse and to optimise the use of benefits. Clients enjoy some of the following services  from EOH –

  • workplace health and wellness solutions
  • advisory and consulting
  • hospital, dental and primary care risk management


Denis offers dental benefits which effectively operate under a management system with firm rules. This is good news because it means dental costs operate to the benefit of patients, dentist and medical schemes. The team consists of dentists, dental nurses, oral hygienists, IT programmers as well as a number of Call Centre consultants.

Benefits for Dentists

Dentists can join the network and benefit from partnering with one of South Africa’s leading dental managed care companies.  Dental practitioners who register will be able to bill directly into the Denis system and benefit from immediate authorisation and payment, saving on huge  administrative costs.

A dental business that joins Denis will also enjoy more exposure for their practice. If you’re looking for a reputable dental practice in your area, and one that is part of the Denis Dental Network, then on the Denis website, you’ll be required to select the scheme you are with, you’ll select the city and province you’re in and Denis will find you a suitable dentist.

Benefits for Medical Schemes and their Members

Medical schemes also benefit from Denis, which controls dental costs on behalf of the scheme. There are also benefits to the members of these medical schemes who are contracted to Denis. Some of these benefits include no flat fee for a year and second opinions and treatment options. Members also have access to the wellness programmes which is known as the Smile Campaign. It educates patients about certain treatments, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Maximum Outcomes for Each Client

Denis in fact, has thousands of clients. The organisation meets the clinical needs of medical scheme members and assists in maintaining relationships with patients, contributing also to the sustainability of medical schemes. The organisation simply designs their services to ensure maximum outcomes for each of their clients.


All info was correct at time of publishing