Medshield Medical Aid Options Are Lifestyle Orientated

Medshield medical aid options focus on quality healthcare products that members can afford. And these options encourage them to gravitate to a healthier lifestyle. The medical scheme aims to put its members in control of both its in-hospital and day-to-day benefits. That is so they can choose what they need to be able to stay healthy and happy.

There are a number of benefit possibilities within the Medshield medical aid options, all of which cater for both lifestyle and budget needs. The medical scheme aims to enable its members to achieve their lifestyle and health objectives whether in sickness or in health. So in additional to the medical aid plans, there are also health and wellness initiatives.

Medshield Medical Aid Options Are Eight in Number


Medshield Medical Aid OptionsThe Medshield medical aid options are comprehensive and designed to meet the needs of families and individuals from all walks of life in South Africa. There are several specific Medshield medical aid options, each of which has its advantages relating to lifestyle and budget requirements.



The eight medical aid options are:

  • The Core Plus Benefit Option
  • The MediValue Benefit Option
  • The MediPlus Benefit Option
  • The MediBonus Benefit Option
  • The Premium Plus Benefit Option
  • The MediPhila Benefit Option
  • The Standard Benefit Option

In addition the scheme has ways to encourage its members to stay fit and healthy.

The various Medshield medical aid options follow the scheme’s health orientated theme, but each of the plans is a little different, in this way catering for individual needs.

The MediPhila Benefit Option is the best of the Medshield medical aid options.It is totally comprehensive and provides both in-hospital and out-of-hospital benefits together with a whole lot of other possibilities.

Medshield MedicalThe Premium Plus Benefit Option is an ideal in-hospital cover plan that also provides access to all the other valuable benefits that people want. Chronic medicine is one of these Medshield medical aid options, as is access to a personal medical savings account.

The MediBonus Benefit Option is one of the best Medshield medical aid optionsfor people who really need comprehensive cover. Hospital cover is unlimited, though it is provided via the medical scheme’s hospital network, which some people see as a disadvantage. There is also cover for some good out-of-hospital benefits, including dentistry. It’s a good option.

More Medshield Options

The MediPlus Benefit Option is another of the Medshield medical aid optionsthat depends on the network scheme. There is comprehensive cover, but members need to rely on the service providers and hospitals that Medishield in its valued network.

The MediValue Benefit Option is for healthy people who mostly want out-of-hospital. But these same people realise that they might also get sick, have accidents, and therefore need additional benefits. Hospital cover is included along with wellness benefits and things like chronic medication, oncology and ambulance services.

The Core Plus Benefit Option offers more than the Benefit Option, but is also aimed at younger people. It mostly covers in-hospital costs and does not cover any day-to-day out-of-hospital costs.

The Standard Benefit Option is the least expensive of the Medshield medical aid options. With this members will get unlimited in-hospital cover, but it will be via the medical scheme’s  hospital network. An invaluable medical savings account is also part of this particular plan.

If you aren’t sure which plan suits you, ask a qualified broker to help you.


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