Sizwe Medical Fund Understands Your Medical Needs

Sizwe medical scheme started in 1978 and has provided medical aid cover to thousands of members ever since.Over the years, Sizwe medical scheme has demonstrated to be in touch with South Africans’ need in terms of medical cover.

Medical aid schemes in SA

The reason why people take out medical aids like Discovery Health, Bonitas medical aid, GEMS medical aid and Liberty medical, is to have peace of mind if they should need it. Life is unpredictable and you need to make provision for unforeseen circumstances. If you should become involved in an accident of need an operation for whatever reason, you do not want to be concern about payment during that time.

The Medical Schemes Act, 1998 is a legislative guide to which medical schemes such as Sizwe medical fund and Momentum Health have to comply. This Act states that no medical aid have the right to discriminate against individuals regarding their age, gender and health status. The main objective of this Act is to protect the interest of members of a medical aid. The Council for Medical Schemes was created in terms of the Act.

About Sizwe medical scheme

Sizwe medical scheme is committed in presenting a product that is affordable but is still able to give a comprehensive cover to members. Sizwe medical fund, established by a group of doctors, saw the need in the market for a medical aid fund that is able to provide more medical cover for less. However, Sizwe medical fund, just like Discovery medical aid and Fedhealth medical aid, is an open medical fund so anyone may become a member.

Sizwe Medical SchemeSizwe medical fund is administrated by Sechaba Medical Solutions (Pty.) Limited and offers a range of products that is suited for people with a very low-income or executives that earns a good salary and wants comprehensive medical cover. This is the reason why Sizwe medical fund has become one of the largest open medical aids in South Africa and the most preferred cover used by companies.Sechaba Medical Solutions

Sizwe medical aid options

These are the medical aid plans Sizwe medical fund offers:

Savings CarePlan

•    No in-hospital limit
•    Out-of- hospital benefits paid from savings
•    15% of monthly contribution used as a savings portion

Gomomo Care Plan

•    General practitioners: Benefits as required for the full year
•    Out of area visits: Four per beneficiary
•    Acute medicine: Benefits as required per full year
•    Unlimited hospitalisation within the use of a network hospital

Healthy Families with Sizwe Medical SchemePrimary Care Plan

•    No limits during hospitalisation
•    Covers chronic conditions within the 26 PMB’s
•    Visit hospitals within the Sizwe inclusive network
•    Up to R1 million in-hospital cover
•    Excellent maternity benefits

Affordable Care Plan

•    Excellent value for money if you have a family
•    Unlimited in-hospital cover
•    Additional cover for chronic conditions over and above the 26 listed PMB’s
•    Any choice of health care provider

Full Benefit Plan

•    The best comprehensive plan by for an executive of someone with a family
•    Top of the ranges with unlimited hospital benefits
•    May use any choice of health care provider
•    Additional dental, wheel chair, oncology, optical, maternity and auxiliary benefits
•    Also you have cover for all additional chronic medication



All info was correct at time of publishing