Netcare Medical Aid Offers Access to the Best Health Care

Your dreadful experiences at a state hospital in South Africa will resonate with millions of others who, for financial reasons, don’t have access to private health care. If you don’t have medical aid in South Africa and you have an unexpected illness or accident, in all likelihood you won’t have enough money to pay for medical care. Many of the state hospitals in South Africa operate at sub-optimal levels.

Netcare Medical Aid is a restricted medical scheme which was established in 1999. Their aim is to provide South Africans with a medical aid that will provide them with world class medical care.

Netcare Medical Aid encourages their members to make use of their website to interact with the scheme and make suggestions. The website also provides useful healthcare advice for all their members.

What is Medical Aid?

Waiting lists are very long at state hospitals in South Africa, and a medical aid can gain you access to high quality medical care in well run private hospitals. With a medical scheme such as Netcare Medical Aid, you have access to private hospitals and day clinics around the country.

Netcare Medical AidSome medical schemes such as Genesis Medical Aid don’t force their members to seek treatment in network hospitals or make use of network medical practitioners. Other medical aids like Discovery Medical Aid encourages their members to follow healthy lifestyles with a point and reward system. A list of all medical aids in South Africa is available online.

Medical aids in South Africa

Unlike some of the other medical aids in South Africa, Netcare Medical Aid prides itself on the fact that they a medical scheme where affordability is a top priority, making sure member contributions are kept as low as possible.

When you are looking for affordable medical aid, you’ll want estimates from the other well known medical schemes such as Bestmed, Fedhealth, Liberty Medical Aid, Momentum Health, Discovery Medical Aid and LA Health Medical Scheme. It is important to compare medical aids because each one has different prices and offerings.

The Internet is a medical aid comparison minefield and South Africans can find the best medical aid schemes to suit their health and budget requirements. The information offers a wide spectrum of solutions to your medical aid requirements. You can compare the medical aids of South Africa and steer clear of  those which inflate private medical care costs. You’ll be able to understand the terminology used so that you understand the terms and conditions of your medical aid of choice.

What is Netcare Medical Aid?

Netcare Medical Aid was established in 1999. As a closed medical aid, the scheme caters for Netcare employees and their families. Members who resign from Netcare’s employment, lose their membership to the scheme. Netcare Medical Aid is regulated by the Medical Schemes Act.

All members of Netcare Medical Aid contribute 15% of their total monthly contribution into their Member Savings Account. All high cost items are paid from the insured portion of the benefit such as comprehensive hospitalisation, radiology, chemotherapy, dialysis treatment, maternity benefits and dentistry etc. All hospitalisation must be pre-authorised.
Emergency Medical Assistance
As far as hospital benefits are concerned, hospital expenses are covered by Netcare Medical Aid and members use the Netcare group of hospitals except for in emergencies; then other hospitals can be used.

Netcare Medical Aid provides a minimum benefit to its members for the 26 chronic diseases listed in the Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB). Benefits include diagnosis and treatments of these diseases. By joining the group within 30 days of commencing employment, no waiting periods are imposed. Netcare Medical Aid has 3 classes of memberships –  the principal member, adult dependants and child class for those under 18 years of age.

Netcare Medical Aid is committed to meeting their member’s healthcare needs. They offer their employees an excellent medical aid designed to make a positive difference in their lives. They provide new members with a welcome pack and brochure. This is so they can familiarise themselves with the contents and understand what membership entails and the benefits they can start enjoying.