SelfNET New Offering from Selfmed

In an effort to provide affordable access to quality health care to all South Africans, Selfmed have launched a new, strategically structured, Comprehensive Medical Aid Plan – SelfNET.

Selfmed, together with CareCross Health, have negotiated a sustainable and economical medical aid plan called SelfNET that provides national comprehensive cover in respect of PMB’s, chronic and day-to-day health care.

The SelfNET plan begins at R1,020-00 for the principal member, and as dependents are added so the total cost increases. However it is not based on a tiered or income linked system. Minor dependents can be added for R360-00 extra for each child, up to three children. Thereafter, you do not pay for for any additional minor dependants – but the pool of benefits remain the same as it would for three children.

Selfmed LogoThe name SelfNET refers to the fact that the product is a networked plan, this means that you will need to use designated service providers to enable the low premiums, but the option covers the full range of PMB’s. If however, it necessitates that the member needs to go to a provider outside of the network, a co-payment will be levied if the service is obtained voluntarily and in the case of emergencies and there is no designated service in a 20km radius – the co-payment will be waived.

Says Christo Becker, Principal Officer at Selfmed: “Health coverage is a major financial challenge. A 2009 study in the Health Affairs journal found that one in every three households in Africa has to borrow money or sell their possessions to pay for health expenses. It is imperative that we work towards providing access to healthcare to as many individuals as possible.

“We also aim to provide access to preventative healthcare through this option. A philosophy that is not yet entrenched in South Africans as access to healthcare, in the past, remained costly. With SelfNET we make Medical Aid accessible – it is a breakthrough for Selfmed Medical Scheme, and, we believe, the industry.”

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