Bestmed Medical Aid Options Offer Quality Healthcare

Bestmed operates a non-profit medical scheme that aims to give all its members the best healthcare options they can afford. In keeping with this stated mission, Bestmed medical aid options range from fairly straightforward hospital care to comprehensive cover. You choose.

Bestmed medical aid options include three basic medical scheme choices that cover the full range of possibilities. Within each scheme or plan, there are additional options, expanding the choice beyond just three possible options.

Bestmed Medical Aid Options

These are the:

  1.   Beat Range
  2.   Pace Range
  3.   Pulse Range

Bestmed Medical Aid OptionsIn a nutshell:

  • The Beat Range of Bestmed medical aid options provides flexible benefits for hospital care that include limited savings that will pay some expenses. The level of expenses paid out will depend on which of the four Beat options you are on.
  • The Pace Range of Bestmed medical aid options combines considerably more comprehensive hospital care benefits that incorporate out-of-hospital benefits and additional savings depending on which of the four Pace options your are on.
  • The Pulse Range of Bestmed medical aid options offers comprehensive hospital benefits together with out-of-hospital benefits. For cover, the member must use hospitals that are part of the Bestmed network.


What Beat Offers

Whether you are ambitious, young and single, in a relationship, planning a family, or intending to extend your family, one of the four Beat Bestmed medical aid options has something to offer.

  1. Beat 1 provides extensive in-hospital cover along with benefits that include contraception aimed at people who live a dynamic lifestyle.
  2. Beat 2 is for people who want to stay healthy and prevent illness in every possible way. However these people also know that because life is not predictable, they might need extensive hospital care at some stage.
  3. Beat 3 adds to the scenario maternity benefits and cover for chronic diseases you may not predict.
  4. Beat 4 further extends the range of Bestmed medical aid options for growing families.


What Pace Offers

The Pace packages that fall within the Bestmed medical aid options are geared towards healthy, growing families as well as both established and mature families. In fact Pace is ideal for any families that may find they are likely to have medical costs that are above average.

Bestmed Options

  1. Pace 1 focuses on preventative care, but also covers chronic medication.
  2. Pace 2 adds extensive out-of-hospital benefits to the cover offered, along with an increased choice of hospitals. Medical personnel from general practitioners to specialists are also covered.
  3. Pace 3 balances prevention with top quality hospital cover and comprehensive chronic care benefits. There are also some medical savings in this scheme.
  4. Pace 4 aims to give peace of mind to families that could face higher than normal medical bills. This is one of the Bestmed medical aid options that offer absolute exclusivity.


What Pulse Offers

Healthy families and young people who want affordable options will be drawn to the Pulse Bestmed medical aid options.

  1. Pulse 1 is the most affordable of all the Bestmed medical aid options, relying on the scheme’s network of hospitals and providers.
  2. Pulse 2 is the most affordable Bestmed option for families.

Before you decide which Bestmed option to sign up for, make sure you know what you want and what you can afford. Then examine all the possibilities. You will find that there is something for everyone.



All info was correct at time of publishing