Ensure Your Health Care With Genesis Medical

Why should I sign up with Genesis Medical Aid? 

  • Great benefits and affordable premiums
  • Trusted, registered medical scheme
  • Financially stable
  • Great range of options
  • Tech-savvy medical scheme partner


Great benefits and affordable premiums

There are few other medical aids in South Africa that will offer comprehensive medical cover for adults for just R2,200 per month. This may sound steep but in light of the benefits you get, it is a steal.

Whenever you or any other beneficiary go to a hospital, be it for an illness or a medical emergency, Genesis will pay your bills according to the type of plan you signed up for. This level of cover also includes a good portion of the bills for basic dental treatment as well. You won’t need to pay for specialised scans like MRIs and CT scans from your pocket. We all know how expensive these scans can be.

More options from Genesis Medical Aid

If you are willing to do without some benefits, you can get cover for as little as R1,000. For this, you still Genesis Medical Aidget bills for hospitalisation taken care of. When you visit the dentist you also won’t have to pay for tooth extractions. You will also be covered for up to three dental consultations, up to six fillings and up to two root canals.

Regardless of which product you opt for, you get to visit any hospital or see any specialist in the country. You won’t be limited to a specified network of medical care providers.

Trusted name 

Genesis Medical has been a registered medical scheme for the past 23 years. During this time the company has developed a deep understanding of the market, enabling it to tailor products to suit its diverse needs. Its impressive claims ratio and ability to pay claims has seen Genesis named among South Africa’s top five medical aid schemes.

Many South Africans opt for Genesis Medical Aid because of the value they get for their premiums. This is borne out by a survey that placed Genesis Private Choice hospital plan at the top of a list of 21 similar plans. Their Private Comprehensive plan also emerged as a market leader in its own right.

Genesis Medical prides itself on the attention they pay to the wellbeing of their members. This is what drives the features and cost of their products as well as their level of customer service. Each member or beneficiary receives dedicated attention.

Financial stability

With more than R400 million, Genesis Medical has more than five times the minimum amount of capital required by law for medical schemes. You can, therefore, rest assured that there is more than enough cash to process your claims.

Tech-savvy medical insurance partner

In a world that has gone fully digital and mobile, members expect to be able to monitor information on their account through their phones. This is why Genesis Medical Aid has come up with an app that customers can use to monitor their medical aid information. This app is all you need when going to seek treatment; no more do you have to carry a smart card. 


All info was correct at time of publishing