Discovery Health Plans from South Africa’s Leading Medical Scheme

Not only can medical costs in South Africa cripple you financially. But just landing up in a state hospital can give you additional stress. That is if you do not belong to Discovery health plans or similar.

South Africa’s mental health care resources for instance are totally unequipped to handle mental illnesses. Most patients in South Africa rely on public health-sector services. And they will hate knowing that for every 100 000 people in mental illness hospitals, only 18 beds are available.

With a good medical aid, your have cover for your physical, mental and emotional needs. And you get to enjoy excellent health care offered in hygienic surroundings and in a humane way.

Discovery health plans have got coverage which is guaranteed to be exactly right for you and your family’s healthcare needs.

What is Medical Aid?

Medical aid can certainly provide you with a more humane way to get better. Without the right medical aid cover, there are very few people who can afford the cost of medical treatment in South Africa. With There are some medical aids which gloat about their low-premium hospital plans but then you get lower levels of cover.

Discovery Health PlansDiscovery Health Hospital Plan however, offers excellent cover at an affordable price. Just like Momentum Health Hospital Plan, Discovery Health Hospital plans come without a general yearly limitation.

A low-cost Discovery hospital plan is their Access choice. It supplies a personal hospital plan at the Access Network of medical facilities without a general yearly limitation. The Custom Option With Momentum Hospital Plan offers budget friendly hospitalisation without any general yearly limitation.

About Discovery Health

Discovery Health is the biggest medical aid scheme in South Africa, with a global credit rating of AA. About two and half million South Africans trust Discovery Health plans to keep their healthcare costs low.   Discovery Health medical scheme plans come with low premiums, an excellent medical scheme credit rating, access to the best treatments as well as savings on day to day medicines.

Discovery Health Plans

People join Discovery Health Medical Aid because of the excellent and varied Discovery Health Plans.The range of Discovery health plans include – KeyCare Series, Core Series, Saver Series, Priority Series, Comprehensive Series and their Executive Plan which offers extensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day benefits. Apart from these Discovery Health medical plans, their Discovery Vitality Rewards Programme has been designed to reward members for increasing their good health and wellbeing.

Discovery Health Plans such as Vitality help members to  get healthier by giving them the means to improve their health. Every time you complete their online health assessment or join a gym eat healthy foods, you’ll earn points towards your Vitality status and associated rewards. The wide spectrum of Discovery medical aid plans meet a diverse range of people’s medical needs; from their basic KeyCare Series to their all-inclusive Executive Plan.

Affordable Practioners, Products and Services

Even though  Discovery Health Plans are competitively priced to ensure long-term value for money, members often stress about how they will continue paying the premiums when the main member dies. This is where the Discovery Health Plan Protector comes in. This Protector of Discovery Health Plans will cover the cost of your  family’s medical scheme contributions for another 10 years when the main member dies.

Discovery Health Medical Scheme also offer Discovery Health Plans which include cover for emergency medical evacuations and emergencies when travelling internationally. The medicopters are available for air evacuations in critical cases.

The Ultimate Protection against Illness and Accidents

Members of Discovery Health Plans receive the best cover when compared with other South African medical Schemes. Discovery believes in giving their members the chance to get the most out their plans. Word of mouth from friends and family give new members a first-hand account of their positive experience with Discovery Health.


All info was correct at time of publishing