Momentum Medical Aid Plans

Momentum medical aid plans have become one of the most popular plans that South Africans seek when looking for affordable healthcare. The reason is simple: Momentum medical aid plans are flexible and can be shaped according to your needs and to the amount that will suit your budget.

Affordable Healthcare

Affordable healthcare, like Momentum medical aid plans, is reachable in South Africa, but you need to compare medical insurance quotes from all leading medical aid plans. Health cover from medical aids such as Fedhealth, Bestmed,Discovery Health and Momentum are different from one another because each offers their own unique packages that will suite different clients’ needs. However, the only way to make the best choice is to look at a few factors:

•    Look at the state of your and your dependants’ health. What are your medical needs and do you need chronic medication?
•    What does your budget allow?
•    Will your current situation change? Is there child on the way or do you have to go for an operation soon?
These factors will influence your decision when looking at medical aids, like Momentum medical aid plans.

Medical Schemes in South Africa

In South Africa, we have the liberty to choose from over 100 medical aids, of which Momentum medical aid scheme is one. .All medical aids have to adhere to compliances, stipulated by the Medical Schemes Act, 1998, which includes,that all South Africans can become part of a medical aid scheme like Momentum medical aid plans and Discovery medical aid plans and there is no discrimination regarding race or current state of health.

The Medical Schemes Act, 1998, has created the Council for Medical Schemes, whose objectives are as follows:
•    Protection of the interests of medical schemes such as Momentum medical aid plans as well as their members
•    Monitoring all medical schemes according to their solvency and financial positions – This includes Momentum health medical aid.
•    Controlling and co-ordination the functioning of medical schemes in an complimentary manner with the national health polity
•    Investigate complaints and settle disputes
•    To make recommendations to the Minister of Health

All these aspects are in place to help medical aids provide the best service to their members and in helping to make medical funds such as Momentum Health more accessible to more citizens of South Africa.

Momentum Medical Aid Options

Momentum OptionsMomentum believes in quality of life. That is why, in order to improve your health, free preventative screenings, savings on contributions, Health Returns and the ability to pay claims, is part of the package when Momentum medical aid rates are paid each month. Each member will get more value for money and peace of mind if Momentum medical aid plans are part of their life.

Momentum medical aid plans has six options, the Ingwe, Access, Custom, Incentive and Extender and the Summit option to choose from and each cover has been designed to meet the needs of all the members.

Momentum Multiply is a rewards and wellness program, where members are encouraged to live active and healthy, by getting discount on up to 80% off on monthly membership fees on selected wellness centres and members also qualify for movie discounts.

Momentum offers their clients the option of having both health and life insurance under one roof with Momentum Life.

Contact an advisor if you want more information about Momentum medical aid plans and the way Momentum medical aid plans can help you save each month.