Originally Reef Medical Scheme, Fedhealth Medical Aid started in 1936. It offers a risk premium with a fixed savings level per option and out of hospital expenses benefit.

Fedhealth Medical Aid provide what they call Real Medical Aid at Real Value. And they believe this means that they can provide an extensive range of product options at great value for money.

What is on offer at Fedhealth?

Fedhealth’s Medical Aid’s lowest cost option is Blue Door. The schemeĀ  provides health care to blue collar workers where GPs have been contracted to provide this option.

Fedhealth Medical SchemeOther than Blue Door, the scheme offers the Maxima options and the Ultima options. Maxima offers a number of different products with varying benefits covering things from ultimate hospital cost to day-to-day health care. The Ultima options are similar to the Maxima options only with lower premiums for a slightly lower coverage.

How would Fedhealth Medical Aid benefit me?

Fedhealth believe that they offer a good number of what they call their Unique Benefits – such as the child rate applying for all child dependents who remain dependant on the primary member until the age of 27, such as students who live at home or in res.

Also included in the Unique Benefits is that a child who is no longer dependent on the primary member can transfer to their own policy with no break in cover and with no additional underwriting involved.

The scheme also claims that its Unique Benefits include the free oral contraception, in-hospital dentistry for children under eight as well a number of other benefits.

Have a look through the options available with Fedhealth and see if any of those, along with their Unique Benefits, suit your needs for a health care plan.

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All info was correct at time of publishing