Suremed Medical Aid for the South African Family

January 16, 2015

Suremed medical aid started in 1976. The medical scheme has provided many satisfied clients with a full range of affordable medical aid services. Suremed medical aid still remains the best option that will satisfy each individual’s medical needs. Suremed is an open medical scheme. It ensures a member full commitment to a member when it comes to service and satisfaction.

Medical Aids in South Africa

There are over 100 medical aid providers, including Suremed medical aid, GEMS medical aid, Sizwe medical aid, Bonitas medical aid and Momentum medical aid that are trusted by their members in providing efficient and cost effective medial aid.

The Council for Medical Aid Schemes supervises all medical aid schemes. The Council, established by the Medical Schemes Act, 1998, provides supervision when it comes to medical schemes like Discovery medical aid and Affinity health insurance, which provide private health financing.

Few medical aids have restrictions when it comes to membership. These are not open to the public. The members have to quality with certain criteria. These include belonging to specific trade union or working in a certain sector.

Suremed Medical AidSuremed can be excluded from this list, since it is an open medical scheme.

What Suremed Medical Aid Offers

Suremed health offers different options, tailor made according to each client’s need:
•    This traditional option by Suremed has no annual limits. And it has extensive major medical benefits. In addition, it has generous sub-limits regarding day-to-day benefits. This benefit will suite any client with a high income.

•    The option offers extensive major medical benefits and has annual limits, although the day-to-day benefits are lower as compared to the Challenger benefit by Suremed. The Navigator is a popular option for people with high incomes, like white collar workers.

Shuttle Option
•    With the Shuttle option, the client will be able to have an extensive hospital cover and enhanced major medical benefits by a preferred provider network. All out-of-hospital benefits are through a preferred network provider. This option is most suited for young families.

•    The Explorer option bySuremed allows members to have comprehensive major medical benefits as well as day-to-day benefits through a preferred network provider.

Other benefits that Suremed medical aid provides are Netcare 911 Emergency Services, a HIV/AID Wellness Programme, Chronic Medication program, Hospital Utilization Program and LifeSense diabetes Management Program.

Affordable Medical Aid

Most medical schemes such as Liberty medical aid and Suremed, are tailored to fit a specific target market. But, when you ask for medical aid quotes and compare medical aids, you will soon see the difference. You will find the best package for you.

When requesting medical insurance quotes and you come across some questions, be sure to inquire about it by consulting a consultant. Suremed can provide you with a broker or refer you to a scheme’s administrator.When you have all the facts, it will be easier to make an informed decision.


All info was correct at time of publishing