Pick n Pay Medical Aid

Pick n Pay Medical aid is a restricted medical scheme that provides excellent medical aid options to all Pick n Pay employees and their dependents. When you have cover like Pick n Pay Medical aid, you can sleep sound at night.

What is Medical Aid?

Pick n Pay Medical Aid is a health insurance scheme where members contribute each month in to a pool, in order pay to cover medical costs that might arise at any time of the year. The objective of all medical aids is to provide for relevant health services. Dependants, such as a spouse or a child, the medical aid will also pay for their medical procedures or treatment.

Pick n Pay Medical AidAll medical aids in South Africa must follow rules that have been set in place to protect the public, as stipulated in the Medical Schemes Act of 1998.  No discrimination regarding race, age, their claims experience or health status may occur. This also means that no one with Aids or who are HIV-positive may be rejected.

Pick n Pay Medical Aid is a Restricted Medical Scheme

In South Africa, you get restricted and open medical aids. A restricted medical aid only allows certain membership. Therefore it is not open to the public. You have to belong to a certain trade,work in a specific industry, or have a certain academic criteria. Pick n Pay medical aid scheme is a restricted medical aid. Only employees who are employed by Pick n Pay qualifies to become part of Pick n Pay Medical Aid.

Affordable Medical Aid

There are so many medical aids in South Africa. When choosing the best medical aid for you, you need to look at certain things, including your lifestyle. For instance, not all medical aids cover extreme and professional sports. A medical aid like Liberty medical aid, does, but your contributions will be higher as to compared to someone who just wants cover in case of an emergency.

Other medial aids such as Discovery medical aid, offers an incentive program to reward members in staying healthy.Pick n Pay Medical aid provides emergency services which includes ER24, a service you have to have when your life is on the line.

You need to look at what you are able to contribute each month as well as your current state of health. Do you need to see specialist frequently and will the chosen medical aid cover all the expenses? To obtain cheap medical aid, you need to compare medial aid quotations.

In the case of a restricted medical cover, such as Pick n Pay Medical aid, the employer will pay a part of the fees. This allows the employer to choose a higher plan that will give more cover but a better price.At Pick n Pay Medical aid, you can apply for hospital authorisation by sending a SMS, quick and easy.

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