Great Deal on Medical Aid With Prices

With the turn of the year already well in progress, it can be expected that here in South Africa, we will see an increase in medical aid tariffs. Read further for more on a great deal on medical aid with prices.

Discovery Health has said that their increase is around 10.2% for 2017. Most other medical aids will show increases as well, forcing a whole heap of financially struggling people to look very closely at their medical aids. Some will get a shock as just how much they fork out.

Naturally, Discovery clients and others will be wondering why there has been such a big increase, or why an increase at all. The fact remains that Discovery has had to increase their premiums because they have had an exceptionally large number of claims put in for 2016.

Consumers will look for other deals to bring their costs down

Frustrated customers will often try and compare different medical aids, trying to find a great deal on medical aid, with prices, so that they can see whether they should change. It is usually very difficult actually to compare the different schemes. Each company or scheme has its array of different benefits, different options, different terms and conditions.  Sometimes it is downright impossible to compare.

Informed Healthcare solutions, medical brokers, do a very good job at looking at the variety of medical aid schemes. And also options from all the major providers in South Africa.

There are some medical aids which will give you a good deal on medical aid

Deal On Medical AidA lot of medical aids in South Africa have been negatively affected because of the huge increase in utilisation during 2016. Like Discovery, they have been forced to put up their fees. Despite this, though, Genesis Health’s increase is only 4.7% for 2017. Their ability to offer this low increase is simply as a result of careful risk management, self-administration, positive operating and financial performances. They have shown great membership growth.

If you are looking for a medical aid with great deals, then this would be a good option for you. It is because they have a great heritage of providing their members with outstanding healthcare benefits. These range from major accidents to serious illnesses and diseases, and at affordable rates.

In 2016, the Genesis Private Choice hospital plan was the best when it comes to value-for-money. That was compared with 21 same type hospital plan options from other open medical schemes on the market.  Yes, if you are looking for great deals on a medical aid, one such as Genesis will offer a good deal. They offer easy-to-understand products and benefits with clients’ interests and good service at heart.

Just do it – Deal On Medical Aid

If you still don’t want to get into a comprehensive medical aid because you cannot afford it. If you are young and healthy, you can also consider a good hospital plan. At least you will have something when sudden illness or accidents overcome you.  Then you will be glad that you took the time to find the best deal around with your medical future. Possibly you will be saving yourself from a future financial disaster.

All info was correct at time of publishing