Hospital Plan Articles

Below are links to a number of hospital plan related articles ranging from how to choose, and how to join a hospital plan, to why you need one and what they do and do not cover.
Before making any decision regarding joining a hospital plan or taking out any other medical cover, we encourage you to research a number of hospital plans thoroughly. Contact the ones that interest you and get quotes from different ones.
Most importantly,  make sure that you really understand what each hospital plan does, and does not cover. For example, most hospital plans do not cover outpatient (not staying overnight) treatments for cancer. If in any doubt, speak to a hospital plan advisor.


Sanlam Hospital Plan is a Good Option

A stay in in a private hospital can cripple your finances and a stay in a public hospital can cripple you literally. A good Sanlam hospital plan can take care of all and any those hospital costs you incur. Lots of South Africans…


Discovery Hospital Plan Benefits

The Discovery hospital plan benefits are excellent. That is because Discovery is the largest medical scheme in South Africa. Hospital plans are among the many products in the sector that this large organisation offers. The company enjoys an enviable AA+ credit rating that…


Clientele Life Hospital Plan Quotes

 Introduction to Clientele Life Hospital Plan Quotes Clientele has been providing health care benefit products to members for more than twenty years. During that time they have been amongst the first to market their products directly to new members. Their marketing maintains that…


Administrative Chaos in Gauteng Hospitals Leading to Bankruptcy

Gauteng’s Department of Health has appointed “a company” to collect money from “self-paying patients”. These patients owe close to R700-million to Gauteng hospitals. In addition to these debts, their are more than R2-billion in debts outstanding. No one knows how they intend to…


Pharos Medical Plan Options Include a Dedicated Professional Nurse

Pharos Medical Plan options meet the needs of a wide range of people whose lifestyles and medical requirements vary. They range from the most basic hospital cover plans to comprehensive plans that include in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover. A dedicated Pharos professional nurse is…


Private Hospitals Encourage Women to Have C Sections

CAPE TOWN  – C-sections which are not absolutely necessary are causing division. It is an emotional issue because it is believed that some caesareans carried out are not medically justified. A c section should take place where a vaginal delivery would put mother…


Bonitas Hospital Plan Could Rescue Your Family

Public healthcare services in South Africa have deteriorated so much that going to a public hospital is putting your life in jeopardy. Therefore top medical professionals have opted to leave the public healthcare system and find work in the well run private hospitals.…


Cape Medical Plan Adds No Admin Fees to Premiums

Even though South Africa spends more on health care than most other countries, patient care in the public health sector continues to decline. Many times people go without the surgery they need because skilled doctors aren’t available or the waiting list is too…


Best Private Medical Cover in South Africa

What is the best private medical cover? Well if there was a single best private medical cover, we would have no need for more than one provider. The best private medical cover is really dependent on your needs and on your budget. What…


Bestmed Hospital Plan Healthy Alternative

Bestmed hospital plan covers many valued members because it is the best hospital plan with the most flexibility. Hospital plans in South Africa It is of the utmost importance to understand what a hospital plan is and what it covers and ultimately, do…