Discovery Hospital Plan Benefits

April 17, 2015

The Discovery hospital plan benefits are excellent. That is because Discovery is the largest medical scheme in South Africa. Hospital plans are among the many products in the sector that this large organisation offers. The company enjoys an enviable AA+ credit rating that is something few other business in this sector can match.

The range of medical plans they offer provide members with all levels of health care. There are is series of six distinctive plans available. The specific choice of plan should depend on the new member’s financial situation as well as their medical requirements.

Medical Care That You Can Afford

Discovery Hospital Plan BenefitsNot everyone can afford the most comprehensive health care products out there and this is what is important to Discovery Health. They understand that even with more limited means, some people still want comprehensive cover.

Medical care is very expensive and few can afford it when they are in an accident, or if a problem arises that needs urgent attention. Younger people are usually fit and healthy so do not need full medical cover. Hospital plans are ideal for this type of person.

What’s the KeyCare Plan About?

There are two distinctly different plans in the KeyCare range. Both provide cover if you land in hospital. They are excellent and cost effective at the same time. To do this they use a network of pre-approved hospitals, Doctors and other medical specialists. Members can’t choose the hospital of their choice; they need to attend a pre-approved hospital. The schemes also offer members trauma recovery benefits.

Key Discovery hospital plan benefits include:


  1. Full cover for members of both plans when they  go to an approved hospital. There is also full cover for specialist treatment if the specialist is registered in the KeyCare program. Members do need to ascertain this before embarking on treatment. Cover also exists for a list of treatments and procedures, so members should check this. They must be fully aware of the terms of the plan.
  2. Full cover for emergency treatment in casualty units of any hospital. Members must meet the first 185 rand of the total cost as the plans benefits do not cover this.
  3. Members may have up to 21 days treatment for alcohol and drug abuse treatments. There is cover for mental health treatments. Both medical plans will offer the full cost of treatment.
  4. Cover is also offered for a defined list of chronic illnesses. Members also need to be aware that chronic medications must be obtained from a pharmacy that is part of the scheme and the medication must also be approved.
  5. There are no day-today benefits available to KeyCare Core members. KeyCare Plus members get access to GPs, dentists and optometrists, once again, if they are members of the scheme and are pre-approved. There is also a range of disability benefits that includes the purchase of a wide variety of mobility devices.


At all stages in life, everyone needs some form of medical care to meet medical expenses. The two KeyCare plans with abundant Discovery hospital plan benefits mean members can have peace of mind.  And they know they have cover in the event of a medical emergency and have access to the best care possible. These are not comprehensive medical aids but hospital plans.



All info was correct at time of publishing