Sanlam Hospital Plan is a Good Option

A stay in in a private hospital can cripple your finances and a stay in a public hospital can cripple you literally. A good Sanlam hospital plan can take care of all and any those hospital costs you incur.

Lots of South Africans find that they can’t afford to join a comprehensive scheme. Many South Africans don’t know that if you can’t afford a medical aid scheme. But even a Sanlam hospital plan or one from another reputable medical aid is a jolly good option.

But what kind of healthcare is available to South Africans?

There are 2 health care systems. First, there is the public health care system (open to all). Then there is the private health care system for those who can afford medical aid.

The Necessity for Private Health Care in South Africa

Excellent doctors and nurses work in both the private and public health care systems. But with a Sanlam hospital plan you needn’t be a part of the public health care system. The doctors and nurses in these public hospitals are understaffed, under-resourced and mismanaged.

Many people entering these facilities have their funeral policies up to date. That is because of the high death rates associated with them. Unhygienic conditions, long waiting queues, lost medical reports and suspect medical qualifications. These are all part and parcel of the public health care system in South Africa.

Sanlam Hospital PlanIt is essential to have private health care in South Africa…for your health and your life’s sake. The state of affairs with the public health sector is well documented. Aaron Motsoaledi, the Minister of Health says that the lack of quality services in the public sector is ‘one of South Africa’s major health reform challenges’.

About Sanlam

Sanlam started in 1918. Today, just like Discovery Health,  they are one of the most established and biggest financial service groups in South Africa. They offer individuals and families a broad range of products. The products include life insurance, short term policies as well as a number of medical aid plans.

Sanlam develops products to suit every possible need and budget. Some of their other products include estate and will planning services, funeral cover, educational loans, investment plans and retirement packages. For all these products they offer free financial advice to their clients. The company offers an online tool to calculate the monthly cost of their insurance cover.

About the Sanlam Hospital Plan

As far as cheap hospital plans go, the Sanlam hospital plan offers a number of benefits worth taking note of.  Their Cash back plan is great in that it can help you stick to your budget but is still able to ensure you and your family get decent hospitalisation in the event of an emergency. It helps with hospital fees and medical expenses incurred in hospital.

The Sanlam Hospital Plan is very useful in that is also  contributes towards the loss of income while you are in hospital. If you become physically or mentally disabled, the Sanlam Hospital Cash Back Plan provides a cash payout to help your family make ends meet.  The Sanlam hospital plan is flexible and includes benefits such as the hospital cash benefit, loss of income benefit, death benefit, catastrophe benefit, cash back benefit, inflation protector, lifestyle benefit, a no-more premiums benefit and an unemployment benefit.

Get Your Hospital Plan from a Reputable Medical Aid

South Africa has many medical aid schemes. Hospital plan comparison sites don’t have the interests of just one medical scheme at heart but offer the pros and cons of each one.

Those in good health will benefit from a hospital plan. The law dictates that hospital plans at least cover several medications so people can have some of the prescribed medicines paid for by the plan. The cost of hospital aid varies, and a hospital plan comparison site will allow you to compare the providers and shop for the best hospital plan. Discovery Hospital Plan differs from the Sanlam hospital plan in that it, as well as the Bonitas Hospital Plan, don’t offer cash pay outs. They prefer to offer full cover during your hospital stay in the event of an illness or emergency.

A hospital plan is dedicated to helping you recover in a hospital which is hygienic, restful, soothing and restorative. A Sanlam hospital plan understands that everyone is different with different needs. The Sanlam Hospital Plan with its many benefits is trusted by millions who see the insurance giant as a health icon in South Africa.

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All info was correct at time of publishing