Bonitas Hospital Plan Could Rescue Your Family

February 8, 2015

Public healthcare services in South Africa have deteriorated so much that going to a public hospital is putting your life in jeopardy. Therefore top medical professionals have opted to leave the public healthcare system and find work in the well run private hospitals.

Consequently, having good health care plans in South Africa is critical if you want to live to a ripe old age. A Bonitas hospital plan which is great for healthier individuals is BonEssential. This plan offers top-quality hospital cover at affordable prices. And despite being a hospital plan, this Bonitas hospital plan offers excellent maternity benefits too.

Bonitas Hospital Plan Happy FamilyChoosing between the different options within a medical scheme will depend on your needs. Do research and get health insurance quotes from a number of providers. For instance a Fedhealth hospital plan like their Maxima EntryZone is completely affordable. It gives you the assurance that you get all your unique benefits such as post-hospitalisation treatment, medications and much more. Others like the Liberty Hospital Plan plus the Momentum Hospital Plan are popular choices too. The Gold Focus Select Plan of Liberty is a starter medical aid option and requires the use of network hospitals.

South Africa has many excellent medical aids to choose from of which the Bonitas Hospital Plan is just one. International travel benefits which ensures you have access to medical care while travelling abroad is just one of the many useful benefits of a Bonitas Hospital Plan.

Discovery Health

There is good reason to choose Discovery Health as your medical aid. They are South Africa’s biggest medical aid. Bonitas offers 6 different Discovery hospital plans in their Core series. They enjoy an  AA+ rating for their claims paying ability and this is a huge drawcard for members.  The scheme has a massive amount in reserves so there is always plenty of money to pay the members claims. Discovery Medical Aid offers different plans to meet all kinds of medical needs and budgets. From 2015 members in Gauteng will have access to Discovery Home Care. This offers a wonderful homebased healthcare service where certain members can enjoy quality nursing and care at home.

Bonitas Medical Aid

Bonitas Medical Aid is South Africa’s second largest open medical scheme. More than 650,000 South Africans of all ages enjoy quality medical cover from this popular medical aid. Bonitas is financially sound and stable and has an AA- Global Credit Rating. The aim of Bonitas is to offer their members generous benefits and value for money with their carefully designed affordable plans. With a  Bonitas Hospital Plan you will also enjoy a wellness assessment each year.

Some of the benefits to joining Bonitas quality medical aid are –

  • They have the largest national GP network and have negotiated the best rates with them
  • Your 4th child and subsequent children get free cover – children under 24 who are studying full time at an accredited tertiary institution are also covered
  • Excellent customer services. The scheme resolves your medical matters quickly with their administrator partner, Medscheme

Bonitas Hospital Plan Details

Bonitas Hospital Plans are structured in such a way as to meet the needs of the different segments of the population. Even those on a tight budget will have a plan they are satisfied with. Bonitas Hospital plans are a great option for anyone who feels that the stage of life they are in doesn’t warrant a comprehensive medical scheme.

The Bonitas Hospital Plan is accepted in most of South Africa’s hospitals. The Bonitas Bonsave option for instance provides unlimited hospitalization at any hospital. You also get a comprehensive maternity benefit which includes private ward benefits. This is an unusual benefit that you don’t normally find in a hospital plan.

Bonitas The Bonitas Standard option offers different benefits of hospital cover from Bonitas such as unlimited hospitalisation at any hospital but at 100% of the Bonitas rate. The Bonitas Primary plan offers members the option of any private hospital in South Africa. It also covers basic dentistry and day to day benefits. Bonitas Boncap is a hospital plan for low income earners.

Paving the Way for Quality Medical Cover

So a Bonitas hospital plan is is fantastic to help you cope with the financial costs of injuries or illness. And if you are hospitalised, the cost of the hospitalisation will be taken care of by the medical scheme providing the cover. Hospital plans simply pave the way for you to get quality cover without spending massive sums of money every month. Really, the Bonitas Hospital Plan, Bon Essential has all you need, including out of hospital features and many supplementary benefits.



All info was correct at time of publishing