Pharos Medical Plan Options Include a Dedicated Professional Nurse

April 4, 2015

Pharos Medical Plan options meet the needs of a wide range of people whose lifestyles and medical requirements vary. They range from the most basic hospital cover plans to comprehensive plans that include in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover.

A dedicated Pharos professional nurse is just one of the unique medical benefits offered by this medical aid scheme. Children under a year of age get substantial discounts. Also there are free health management programmes in the various Pharos Medical Plan options.

Pharos Medical Plan options prices are competitive. So if you earn less than R7 500 per month you qualify for an income-related payment option that could offer as much as a 50 percent discount.

Pharos Medical Plan Options

Pharos Medical PlansThere are seven different Pharos Medical Plan options ranging from entry level to a number of comprehensive plans. Each one meets the very varied needs of people needing medical and health care in South Africa.

Pharos Medical Plan options include two entry-level plans, Footprint Comprehensive and Footprint Primary. Footprint Primary is a hospital plan that provides chronic medication cover as well as unlimited annual hospital benefits. Footprint Comprehensive also covers chronic medication, and additional in-hospital costs including spinal surgery, renal dialysis and certain maternity costs.

Several Pharos Medical Plan options offer unlimited hospital cover. The medical scheme’s top of the range option of this type is Rainbow Comprehensive. This option is for people who need full cover and possibly continuing medication and/or medical care. You can choose which private hospital you go to. In addition to unlimited hospital care, unlimited chronic care is also provided, as well as specified day-to-day benefits relating to private providers.

Paladin Comprehensive is one of the mid-range Pharos Medical Plan options that provide unlimited hospital cover. It also offers chronic and day-to-day benefits. In-hospital benefits include MRI and CT scans , as well as oncology and psychiatric expenses, and trauma treatment.

More Pharos Options

Active Saver is another of the Pharos Medical Plan options that provides unlimited private hospital cover. There is some maternity cover in this plan along with immunisation benefits for babies, and contraception. It also includes flu vaccinations as are day-to-day medical expenses (within limits) and sports injury costs.

Pharos Medical Plan OptionsPharos Medical Plan options also include Rainbow Plus, a plan that offers both unlimited cover in hospital together with day-to-day cover funded by a savings account. The rate is affordable and the way it works is flexible in terms of managing day-to-day medical expenses.

Methcare is a traditional medical aid option from Pharos that covers major in-hospital expenses and emergency transportation. Some benefits are reimbursed on an 80 percent basis.

When you compare the different Pharos Medical Plan options, it is important to have an idea of your budget as well as what expenses you need to be covered. For some, basic hospital cover may be sufficient, but for others, it may be important to have comprehensive cover for hospitalisation as well as for specialists and general practitioners (GPs), dentists and opticians. Consider all the options before making a decision.



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