Bonitas Medical Aid is for All South Africans

Bonitas medical aid is one of the best-rounded funds available to South Africans today. They cover everything that you would expect from medical insurance, and then some. As with other providers, like the Discovery Health plan, the Bonitas medical fund takes a full view of all your needs, understanding that everyone is different, and therefore everyone’s needs are different.

Sometimes you just need medical cover for yourself, sometimes you need to cover your whole family. The Bonitas medical aid takes all your needs seriously. And they have gone out of their way to create plans that offer you the best value for your money. Finding a medical plan that suits you can be difficult, but with the Bonitas plan, they make things very easy for you.

Bonitas Medical AidYou need to be clear about what medical aid is, though, before you go shopping around.

What Is Medical Aid?

Like the Bonitas medical fund, medical aids cover very specific procedures and medications. The Bonitas medical aid scheme, like many other medical aids, give you the option to choose from various plans, from basic out-of-hospital treatments, visits to your GP or dentist, or other specialists, over-the-counter medication as well as prescriptions. The Bonitas medical fund covers in-hospital treatments as well. You will be taken good care of at private healthcare facilities. However, that depends on the option or package you choose from the Bonitas medical fund.
But what else is on offer at Bonitas?

What Bonitas Medical Aid Offers

The Bonitas medical fund has various options on offer. They have a BonComprehensive package, which offers exclusive benefits to cater for any age. This plan handles the most arduous of healthcare requirements, and is perfect for people who want high-quality, superior benefits.

Among the Bonitas medical aid options are also the BonClassic, and the Standard packages. The Classic option is incredibly generous. It offers you quality in-hospital treatments, as well as out-of-hospital treatments. It comes with a massive amount of superior benefits at very affordable rates.

The Bonitas medical fund’s Standard option is the perfect option for families. Rich benefits ensuring the best care, in and out of hospital care that rivals the best, this package is definitely of a very high-standard. Primary, BonSave, and BonEssential packages are also available, meaning that they cover every bracket of the income stream, making them very affordable.

Another package option offered by the Bonitas medical fund is the BonCap option. Why this is so popular is discussed below.

Popularity of Bonitas Boncap

This is the entry-level package offered by the Bonitas medical fund. With this product, you receive access to the Bonitas medical scheme’s network of healthcare providers and private hospital and treatment facilities. The Bonitas medical fund prides itself in making affordable healthcare available to all South Africans, and this is one of the most affordable Bonitas medical aid plans.

With rates of less than that offered by the Discovery medical aid, you would receive access to basic benefits, as well as hospital cover. The Bonitas medical fund also offers you 100% coverage at the various hospitals on the BonCap network. You will benefit greatly from these options, especially if you choose the entry-level Bon-Cap option, which is the Bonitas medical fund’s premier plan for beginners. Get the brochure.


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