Why the Bestmed Hospital Plan is Highly Recommended

January 28, 2015

For access to quality healthcare, you cannot go wrong with the Bestmed hospital plan from their medical aid. They are a mutual medical scheme that seeks to cover all their members’ healthcare needs. And they do it in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

Members’ contributions and other income are used effectively to cover the expenses associated with healthcare. The Bestmed medical aid rates are low, by comparison with some of the other providers around today, but they do not skimp on quality, constantly negotiating the best deals for their members with high quality service providers, in a cost-effective manner.

Bestmed Hospital PlanThe Bestmed medical scheme offers you three main categories of plans to choose from, with extensive in-hospital and out-of-hospital coverage and benefits. Designated providers supply the essential services for members of this scheme, and you have the flexibility of choosing options within the various plans that suit your specific requirements. For over five decades now, they have paid more than 99% of claims made on the scheme within 15 days.

The Bestmed hospital plan covers hospitalisation 100%, at a very competitive tariff. By comparison with other such plans in the country, theirs comes out tops though, and here is why.

Hospital Plans In South Africa

Hospital plans and medical aids are two different beasts, by strict definition. You will see the difference between the Bestmed hospital plan and medical aids offered by providers like Bonitas by simply visiting Bestmed online. The plan is different from other Bestmed plans though, in terms of coverage. So you must be sure of the details of the plan are before you sign up. The overall coverage tariffs are low, the benefits of the plan you choose differ greatly. Therefore, be advised to check out the list of benefits associated with the plan you choose.

As far as hospital plans go, though, the Bestmed hospital plan ranks quite highly. There are great benefits of taking out the Bestmed hospital plan. That’s provided you have the ability to meet your general out-of-hospital healthcare expenses. The following information lets you know why.

Is a Bestmed Hospital Plan Really the Best Hospital Plan?

Medical aids pay for specific procedures and medications. The Bestmed hospital plan covers the cost of being in hospital completely. Yes, there are cheap hospital plans out there, but you must consider whether they cover you holistically for an extended stay in hospital. The Bestmed hospital plan does this and a whole lot more. Even the more expensive plans like the Discovery hospital plan and the Fedhealth hospital plan have strict considerations about what they will or will not cover. The Bestmed hospital plan covers you 100%. So before you choose a plan with hyped up benefits like Discovery Vitality, you would do well to consider them as an option.

Comparing Bestmed with Discovery Health

Comparing the Bestmed hospital plan with Discovery or Momentum Health is really like comparing chalk and cheese. Both have exceptional benefits, both cover you for a wide range of conditions and stays in hospital, but these health care plans are also very different.

Apart from the obvious price variation, the Bestmed hospital plan ranks higher as a premier hospital plan simply because of the holistic approach they take to coverage. Like any of their other medical aid plans, the Bestmed hospital plan trumps most of its peers by simply leaving out the excess, and providing you with straightforward coverage that is easy to understand, and easy on your pocket!

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