Compcare Medical Aid is an Affordable Comprehensive Alternative

January 28, 2015

Concerning medical aid, affordability is a huge factor. The Compcare medical aid offers you a comprehensive alternative to this coverage. And it definitely proves itself worthy of a second look. Compcare medical aid plans offer you a large selection of packages to choose from. And you can definitely find a plan that meets your needs. The Compcare medical aid has many years’ experience. More than 30 years in fact. And, if nothing else, this should let the consumer know that they are in very capable hands.

The diversity of products on offer is quite extensive. You will therefore be able to find or tailor make a package to suit your budget. And the scheme will have sound financial management. The Compcare medical scheme has managed to maintain strong reserve levels, meaning that they can pay out every claim made against them. If you do not know what this means for you, understanding just what constitutes a medical aid is probably the first step in getting to grips with this information.

What Is Medical Aid?

In short, medical aid is a service that allows you to receive treatment from GPs, other specialists, pharmacists, and healthcare facilities without paying upfront for treatment or medication. You just pay a monthly fee, and subject to certain levies and considerations, you enjoy a wide range of preselected benefits. This is what the Compcare Wellness medical scheme offers you.

About Compcare medical aid

Compcare Medical AidThe Compcare medical aid, like Discovery Health and its government counterpart, the GEMS medical aid scheme, come with many benefits, depending on the plan that you choose. Unlike most medical schemes however, even the Discovery medical aid, the Compcare medical aid has a large number of unlimited benefits. These include unlimited oncology, and unlimited GP benefits on most of their options. You also enjoy unlimited prescribed minimum benefits at private hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

As a family medical aid, the Compcare medical aid stands head and shoulders above its competitors. With the Compcare medical aid for example, you only pay for the first three dependents. After that, all your other kids are free. You also pay the same child dependant rates for your children who are studying, up to the age of 25. This means that with the Compcare medical aid, you can enjoy massive savings without sacrificing your family’s access to quality medical treatment.

South Africa definitely has no shortage of medical aid schemes, and the Compcare medical aid plan is just one of many. How does it stack up against its contemporaries though, and what stands this scheme out from the rest? Let us just compare them with a few well-known brands.

Medical Aids In South Africa

The Compcare medical aid scheme is affordable, and this is a major consideration, given the current economic climate. Plans like the Liberty medical aid and the one offered by Momentum Health are great, but they are expensive. The Compcare medical aid scheme also offers you access to a lifestyle and wellness programme that comes second to none, all for free. Also, as one of the few medical aids in South Africa to cover sportsmen and women, the Compcare medical aid is one to definitely look out for, and whether you are into sports, or just a CEO and family man, they really are worth considering.

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