Bonitas Medical Aid Plans Suit Ordinary South Africans

Medical aids make it easy for you to find out everything you need to know about them on their websites. With Bonitas medical aid plans, you simply fill in the online form provided and then a knowledgeable consultant will call you to discuss the plan which will suit your medical care needs.

What is medical aid?

Medical Aid schemes in South Africa support you and your family’s health care. Importantly, there are a number of excellent schemes, and each one offers different options. And there are even medical aids catering for people who use mainly complementary therapies.

Significatnly, in South Africa it is imperative to belong to a medical aid to steer clear of the ill-reputed public health system. But not all medical aids are the same. However, with the rising cost of medical treatment, Bonitas medical aid plans suit ordinary South Africans.

Bonitas Medical Aid PlansSouth Africa has more than 100 different medical aids to choose from. They are non-profit organisations under the control of the government to ensure members have access to quality medical care. They offer three types of benefits – day-to-day benefits, chronic and hospital benefits. For affordability, Bonitas medical aid plans are a popular option for South Africans who find other medical aid cover too expensive.

Medical aids in South Africa

Other big names in the medical aid industry are Fedheath, Momentum, Discovery Health and Oxygen among others.  Some businesses offer their own medical aids for their employees and these are known as restricted medical aids. There are also many open medical schemes and these welcome anyone. Bonitas  is one of the top open medical aid providers in South Africa, covering some 650 000 lives.

Between restricted and open medical aids, affordability is always the major attraction for members. People want the cheapest medical aid which offers the best benefits. Bonitas medical aid plans are like this and it covers emergencies, hospitilisation, day-to-day expenses and so much more.

The Bonitas Medical Aid Scheme has been running for more than 30 years; proof of its stability. They offer different plans which suit people with every kind of medical need and salary. Bonitas Medical Aid plans have been carefully put together to offer everyone the cover they need.

Bonitas Medical Aid options include their –

●  BonClassic
●  BonComprehensive
●  BonCap
●  BonSave
●  BonEssential
●  Standard
●  Primary

BonCap is their entry-level product that offers access to network providers and hospitals.  BonComprehensive is their premium product which has been designed to meet every healthcare need that there is.

They have thousands of doctors in their network who offer set rates, and this means co-payments are avoided.

Bonitas Medical Aid Plans Are Popular with Good Reason

Bonitas has a Global Credit Rating of AA-, which means they are in a good position to meet all the needs of its members. Their plans offer members flexible monthly contributions in exchange for outstanding medical care.

Bonitas medical aid plans cover visits to doctors and hospitals and access to the finest and most recent health-care practices. They pay out more claims than other open medical schemes. In fact 93% of all claims. They have also negotiated excellent rates with some 5,500 doctors nationwide. Their plans suit all South Africans, catering for individuals and families with different size salaries.

If you have more than 3 children, Bonitas medical aid plans make provision for providing free medical care to your 4th child and any others after the 4th one. As South Africa’s 2nd largest open medical scheme, with Bonitas medical aid plans,  you have protection from the burden of major medical costs and get help with controlling your medical expenses.

Bonitas medical aid plans don’t only offer quality, affordable healthcare plans for their members. They want to be there for them and get their members the best medical help possible to make life less stressful and easier.


All info was correct at time of publishing