Oxygen Medical Aid: A Merger of Two Greats

There is a constant search for the best medical aid around today. This has led to a million questions from a number of potential clients. After all, just because a medical aid is named Bestmed that does not necessarily make it the best. There are a just a couple of points that can lead you in the right direction. The Oxygen Medical Aid scheme is one that should appear on your radar immediately.

After a very successful merger with Medshield in 2010, these two powerhouses came together to bring you high quality service, and to widen their reach, making them more affordable to the man on the ground. Even if you earn less than R5 000 a month, you can find a package that suits you. And it will be one that meets your needs and requirements. Don’t just splurge your your hard-earned money though. You should at the very least understand what medical aid is!

What Is Medical Aid?

Perhaps you are searching for a cheap medical aid. Or maybe you are looking atone of the pricier options such as the Discovery Health plan. Either way, you need to be absolutely sure what you are signing up for. Well, let us just clarify a few things from the get go. Medical aids, much like the Discovery Health medical aid, pay for specific medical procedures. They cover visits to the GP and other specialists, and they also cover the cost of medication. Unlike hospital plans, however, they do not pay you cash amounts for extended stays in hospital.

Oxygen Medical AidThe Oxygen medical aid covers these specifics, and unlike the Discovery medical aid or Genesis medical aid, the Oxygen medical aid offers you affordable coverage that comes pretty close to the other players in the field. You might be required to pay certain levies though. But is not uncommon with medical aids, but certainly, absent when it comes to hospital plan insurance. The more expensive medical aids like Liberty medical aid and the one offered by Momentum Health come with much higher levies than the Oxygen medical aid scheme however, and you would do well to get medical insurance quotes to see just how much extra you will be expected to pay.

Oxygen Medical Aid South Africa

The Oxygen medical aid, as a direct result of the merger, has positioned itself as a prime provider of quality medical aid. Sure, the Momentum medical aid scheme comes drenched with benefits, but the Oxygen medical aid cuts through all the fluff and goes straight to the meat and bones of the matter. They offer you a variety of plans to choose from, and you can be sure that you will find one that meets your requirements. They even have an Oxygen hospital plan, ensuring that the Oxygen medical aid is the most rounded choice when it comes to medical coverage.

Oxygen Hospital Plans

The Oxygen medical aid offers you comprehensive hospital coverage, including pregnancy hospital plans. With the Oxygen medical plan, if you can cover the out-of-hospital costs of medical treatment today, then perhaps you should consider taking out one of their hospital plans. If you are looking for medical coverage therefore, then the Oxygen medical aid is definitely one that you should consider. The Oxygen medical aid, as a result of its merger with Medshield, has over 250 000 members who can attest to their worth as a medical aid provider!


All info was correct at time of publishing