Using a Medical Aid Consultant in South Africa

The majority of people do not know that the services of a medical aid consultant are free. This could save them a lot of money and help them choose the right option for them. It is an excellent idea to speak with a medical aid consultant to go through different types of medical aid. This is especially true considering the vast amount of option available. Although you should read the legal jargon and small print on your own as well.

Medical aid consultant

Using a Medical Aid Consultant in SAThe Medical Aid financial advisors are independent; this means that they are not employed by any insurer. They focus on educating and helping the consumer about getting the best and most affordable plan. They, therefore, give consumers information on what medical aid options are the best value for money for them. This is their job, so they have to go through the small print and technicalities. They have experience on how it works, so they have better insight on this subject. They also have the necessary training to assess what medical cover the person might need in the future.

Medical scheme website

One can go through a medical scheme’s website for information on the options. Also, most schemes offer help in call centres answering any questions a prospective member might have. Call agents are however there as sales people to promote their medical aid and to paint it in the best light and are least likely to be objective. They also do not go into the jargon detail, they simply ask the enquirer to find more details on their website. Medical Aid Consultants offer quite a different service to this.

Medical Aid Policy

How Medical Aid Policy working can be confusing even for the most learned prospective members who are not very well versed in the field. If not fully understood, one might find themselves paying a surprise bill or half a bill that they thought their medical aid would cover them for. Even for Government regulated Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs), some medical aids find ways that allow them to go without covering some procedures in part or full. Medical Aid Consultants deal with such issues very regularly and therefore can advise prospective members beforehand. Due to their familiarity with medical aids, they can tell their clients about discounts they weren’t aware of.


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