Momentum Multiply Protects Your from Major Medical Costs

With a medical aid you have access to world-class medical care. You also have access to lots of value added benefits. Take Momentum Multiply as an example. Momentum Multiply will reward you with superb discounts just because you take good care of yourself.

South Africa has a  dual healthcare system. Those with a medical aid have the luxury of knowing that there health status is safe. Unfortunately in South Africa those who make use of the ailing public health system put their lives in jeopardy.

This rewards programme offers discounts on products and services from leading brands. You save money on travel, leisure and with your online shopping. Multiply members also pay a nominal monthly fee according to the type of membership they select.

What is Medical Aid?

With a medical aid, ordinary people don’t have to pay for expensive treatments out of their own pockets. Life is unpredictable, and paying for injuries after an accident can bankrupt you. If you can’t afford comprehensive cover, you should at least go for a basic hospital plan.

Momentum MultiplyMedical Aids in South Africa vary, but Momentum medical aid plans, just like other medical aids, offer basic primary healthcare to highly specialised health services. Healthcare in South Africa is complex and highly regulated, but efforts are made to ensure that South Africans have effective and affordable medical cover according to their health needs and budget.

Momentum Medical Aid South Africa

Momentum started in 1966. Multiply is their wellness and rewards programme while Momentum Ingwe,  established in 1998, is one of their very affordable plans. The Ingwe Option provides affordable access to entry-level cover. Members have cover for hospitalisation up to R1 000 000 for each family each year. International students who study in South Africa must have proof of medical cover with a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act.

Momentum Life Medical Aid has a solid track record in the healthcare industry and they understand the healthcare requirements of students. Momentum Medical Aid is recognised as a medical aid of choice; one that adds value to its members. They are the third largest open medical scheme in South Africa.

Essence of Momentum Multiply

The idea behind Momentum Multiply is that you are rewarded with discounts on products and services from top brands simply by taking care of your health. You earn Multiply points which earn you a better Multiply status; from bronze to silver, gold and platinum which gets you even bigger discounts.

When you become a Momentum Medical Aid scheme member, you automatically qualify for Momentum Multiply benefits and discounts from a range of Momentum Multiply partners such as Avis, Mango and Virgin Active among others. In fact for a minimal monthly fee you can get full Multiply and enjoy access to awesome rewards; some of which are –

  • as much as 45% off holiday accommodation at Protea Hotels or African Pride Hotels countrywide
  • join a Momentum Multiply Gym such as Planet Fitness or Virgin Active and you’ll be allocated points which will improve your Multiply status and even greater discounts for fitness activities
  • up to 40% discount on car rental from Avis Rent-a-Car, a leading car rental company in South Africa
  • as much as 40% discount on international flights through Virgin Atlantic and Emirates with Momentum Multiply Travel
  • up to 25% back in benefit points on selected products on your Dis-Chem benefit card and up to 10% on all other products
  • pay far less for the latest hi-tech Apple consumer electronics when you visit Multiply’s online shopping portal.

Momentum Multiply offers amazing discounts and a broad range of products and services from well known, reliable and trusted providers. This is one of South Africa’s leading medical schemes, so when you need to relax your mind about excellent private medical care in South Africa, Momentum Multiply provides members with amazing savings on their premiums and access to excellent health care facilities.


All info was correct at time of publishing