Discovery South Africa

January 15, 2015

Discovery South Africa is a well-recognised name when it comes to medical aids. With a variety of health plans to choose from, Discovery meets every member’s needs. The Vitality Health Program makes sure that all members lead a healthy lifestyle. Why choose any alternative?

Medical Aids in South Africa

There are several medical aids in South Africa, including Momentum Health and Discovery South Africa, that offers a variety of medical aid plans, but only Discovery Health South Africa will be able to provide comprehensive cover at the most affordable prices.

In South Africa, you can either have a medical aid through private providers or alternatively with public providers. The medical aids South Africa has to offer,has to comply with certain legislation and are regulated by the Medical Schemes Act (1998).

Discovery South AfricaThe Council for Medical Schemes was founded by the Medical Schemes Act (1988) in making sure that there is supervision regarding private health financing through medical schemes.

The Act also states that no medical aid, Discovery South Africa included, may not discriminate against anyone. That is for gender or age. There are over 100 medical schemes in South Africa. These include open and restricted schemes. With so many medical aid schemes available, you have to look carefully and compare all aspects when choosing.

Discovery South Africa Overview

It is very important to have health “insurance” with a trusted medical aid. South Africa has proof of registry. That is because all medical aids register and get a registration number. This will give you peace of mind when in case of an emergency. Discovery medical aid comes from Discovery South Africa. They have a variety of plans to provide the necessary medical assistance you or your family needs.

The different medical plans Discovery South Africa has to offer are:

Executive Plan
Comprehensive Series
Priority Series
Saver Series
Core Series
KeyCare Series.

If you live near the coast, Coastal Core, included in the Core Series, is something you might want to consider.

Discovery South Africa HealthDiscovery South Africa not only does Discovery offer medical aid, but also other products, which include life insurance as well as car and household insurance.When you insure both your car and household items, you qualify to get up to 50% back on money spent on fuel and other incredible incentives.

The one thing that makes Discovery South Africa so popular is the fact that they are trying to make South Africans healthy and keep them healthy by encouraging them join the Vitality program. This programme offers excellent incentives like getting cash back on healthy food at certain food stores. Also you can get a discount when you want to book a holiday trip as a member of Discovery South Africa. Be sure to contact Discovery South Africa to find out more about the all the packages on offer.

Could National Health Insurance in South Africa Become a Reality?

The National Health Insurance (NHI) will be a major change in healthcare for all South Africans. And it will bring changes in management and administrative systems and service delivery. It will take time, since it is to be phased in over a period of 14 years. However, it could create the appropriate quality health services every South African will have access to and surely deserves.Discovery South Africa will stand by each medical aid member during the time of transition.

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